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I have used ultralights for years and I started out with the usual 5 footers. They work great and they surely have their place. However, the past year or so I have stepped up to rods measuring between 7 to 8 feet long. I feel that they have definitely improved my overall feel of the bite and control of the fish once they are hooked. In addition, they have greatly increased my casting distance when it is needed. Shoot, it also looks pretty cool to see that long rod bending down to the handle. What size rods do you guys prefer?

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My preference is for 7' +, limber rods.
The Spin Fly is my go to.
In case you've not heard of it, I'm talking a fly rod blank with spinning guides

Yep. I have heard of them. I don' t own any but I have one Shakespeare Microspin that would probably fit that description. It is 7ft long and more limber than any of my fly rods. A three finger bream feels like a submarine on that thing. FUN!!!

I like the long and limber also, but oddly enough I am moving my favorite reel onto a short rod at the moment. That's because when it is broken down it fits in a little rod bag with my kids' rods and my longer one doesn't. I also sometimes use the short one in the yak because it is easier to reach the tip if it needs untangling. But for casting light jigs and being able to work in bigger fish without popping the line, you can't beat a long limber rod.

I use small rods for the vertical presentations.

If any casting is involved with light baits, the long rods get the nod.

Ditto. I agree with both of you guys.

Maurice I'm like you with many 3 footer and like you have got into larger rods but always going back to the 5 footers. I feel the only advantage to a longer rod is like you said longer cast. As far as sensitivity I really can't tell the difference especially with the sensitive lines we have today.

Dick, the other thing I like the long one for is the shock absorber factor but that probably isn't as important as it once was because those new sensitive lines are also much stronger in the same diameter. In my area (NC Piedmont and coastal region), the only reason to go below 6# is to increase the challenge. 0.005" line in mossy green is virtually invisible in about 90% of the water I fish. Another factor in my case is that I bought the short UL with exactly the kind of trip it is about to take in mind - jammed in a rod bag with push button spincast rods for the kids. I paid less than $10 for it with a reel (that is a piece of junk suitable only as an emergency backup) at Ollies. My longer UL is not high end but is a much better rod. The short one isn't a terrible rod and it really is rated for UL, but I don't have as much touch on casts. Even within the shorter range, I am more likely to hang a branch trying to cast close to it than I would be with the long rod.

I guess the message from all that is that quality is as important as length and the new lines do even the play field a little more.

Your right about the shock absorber I forgot that one. I think what it all comes down to is what feels the best in your hand. I personally never by a rod till I can feel it in my hands and although you may pick up 2 or 4 of the same brand same model most times you came feel that difference between those rods. I think what it boils down to is what your comfortable with. What ever you want one with back bone or even a wimpy one so you can feel the bend and not only feel the fight but see the fight and I have them both so what ever you what there all good its what ever your preference is at the time.

I guess sensitivity might not be the right choice of words. It seems like the longer rods have a better "feel" to me. Everyone has their one choice of fishing tackle. It could be the least expensive gear or a $300 G. Loomis. IMHO it really does not matter, as long as it feels right to you. We could debate which rod length is better for the rest of our lives but it all comes down to the user. I am pretty short so technically I should use a shorter rod but they just don' t feel "right" to me. I have several but they only get used in limited situations. I totally agree that a short rod with the right line can cast a long ways and that the super lines are very sensitive. It is kind of like getting in the zone or even describing why you like a favorite honey hole. You may not be able to describe it but you know it when you feel it or see it. It just looks "right". Well, the longer rods just feel "right" to me. They may actually have no advantage but in my mind they do for me. Wow, sorry for the long winded explanation. It is interesting to pick you guys' brains. I really enjoy the knowledge you all share. Thanks.

Maurice you got it what ever feels comfortable and good in your hands after all your the one using it. If it feels good that makes your outing just a lot more enjoyable and relaxing and after all that is the end game. Rods have come a long way. When I started in our local Bass Club it was fiberglass and if you fished for 8 hours continuous let me tell you you know you been casting that heavy rod for 8 hours. Then can graphite and what a difference but they were brittle and really broke off a lot of tips. Through years of refinement the tips have come a long way with the graphite its self. Them there was my personal best Boron. I've only had a couple they are not cheap even today they are high dollar rods way out of my price range for the little fishing I and able to get out and do..

I used to always want one of those old boron Browning casting rods when I was a kid. I just thought they were the most beautiful bass rods on Earth. I never got one though. By the time I could afford one they were history. I have some glass rods that I through my crankbaits with for bass but that is about it. However, I would like to invest in one of those Eagle Claw glass fly rods. I heard they are pretty reasonable and a whole lot of fun.

Some people really love glass rods for example Tooty and he's been using them much longer than I and I know he knows glass rods. He may even have what your looking for give him a hallor.


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