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At 8:07pm on March 21, 2014, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
Got something to take a small grub fly today. I never got a strong hook up, though. And never had them to hand.
We've had a bit of warming in the last 48 hours, although still very cool at night. I did note some surface activity, although it is still too soon for winged insects in any number.
I'm thinking the fish are taking small midges, or other aquatic insects near the surface.
Regardless, a little stirring is a good thing.
At 6:17am on December 28, 2013, Flyboy said…
I have a few different key spots I fish depending on what mood I'm in, or if my main fishing buddy is on a quest. I have a pond through a little trail behind my house I hit up if I just want to get my fix quickly. Some of the greener looking fish, the crappie, nod the night time shot of the bass were caught there.
I live up the road from a boat launch into a chain of lakes (Barbee chain in North Webster Indiana) which I'll go if I want to snag a few for dinner. Had a pike steal a #8 spider while gillin' there and musky troll around as well.
Another catch and release spot for me is at a damn at a campground we have a lot at. My profile pic was from there and most of the earlier pics I posted were taken there as well.
I got my buddy into float tubing last year (my first go at it as well) and we either hit up a gravel pit (where those big colorful gills I posted from July were taken) or hit up some mall lakes/ponds in the tri county fish and game area up my way.
One last spot we hit is a lake in my buddy's john boat. We row along the shore and pull them off beds in spots he's always hit when he was a kid.
There are so many spots around me some days it's hard to decide, but this year we have some new spots to hit up and hopefully add to our honey hole lists.
At 12:36pm on December 24, 2013, Flyboy said…
My favorite bluegill fly is one that catches fish! I'm pretty lucky, I've caught fish on the many different flies I have in my possession. Top water is by far my favorite....there is nothing better then watching a gill explode on a fly. I do have some nymphs and wets that pull in some nice fatties when the bite slows on the surface. Here are some good producers (there are a couple flies I'll have to take pics of because I'm pretty sure they are local only)

Top water: Wilson's sponge spider, General Principal Caddis (tied up by Peter Mock-Jordan of lost angler flies) two tone stealth bomber (lost angler) bugaloo (lost angler) grinch worm, poppers etc.

Nymphs: Northfork nymphs by Terry Wilson (electric blue is killer), bully's spider, Hare's ear (normal, flashback, and bead head have all picked up some nice fish for me) chartreuse gnat (has caught fish when it seemed like nothing would work) and a couple bugs I will take shots of for you.

I'm still collecting materials and trying to find time to sit down and crank my own out, so I'm still buying for the time being.
At 11:11am on December 20, 2013, Mark Stine said…

McScruff if I wanted instant gratification I would go to the bass pro store otherwise I would buy them online: Jannsnetcraft, cabelas, etc. I bought hard foam popper kits twice at the bass pro but thought they were a little expensive. but they do come with the matching kink shank hook.

At 8:20pm on December 2, 2013, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
Just say no to cameras Leo
At 7:35pm on December 2, 2013, Leo Nguyen said…

So..where's the latest photo of the McScruffy looking handsome guy?

At 8:54am on November 28, 2013, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
Thank you to all for the heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes. In this day and time, we are often pulled in opposing directions - too often forgetting how good life is. Give some love today, folks!
At 8:16pm on November 18, 2013, jim cosgrove said…

would be glad to get in on the next one ,dont want to just do it in a rush and do sloppy work thanks

At 3:01pm on November 18, 2013, jim cosgrove said…

David' sorry ,will not have the time for the swap,have barely fished this year due to work and some other stuff.hope someone can start one after the holidays .thanks for the invite tho

At 8:43am on November 18, 2013, Tony Livingston said…

Thanks David, all is well here. We were spared most of the violent stuff....not so fortunate just a few miles away however. My thoughts are with those folks.

At 7:10am on November 18, 2013, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
My best wishes go it to Tony Livingston in IS, and all those in the path of last nights storms.
Stay safe in the aftermath!
At 10:17am on November 15, 2013, Justin said…
I don't have a name for my fly but I would like to partake in the fly swap
At 9:11am on October 28, 2013, dick tabbert said… hope this gives you some kind of idea. 1st you have to find out how many are interested so everybody knows how many flies to tie. After you know how many are interested they tie the flies and send them to who ever is heading this thing up with a couple dollars for shipping. Then after all the flies are received they are divide and shipped. I never found out who headed it up last year still working on it.

At 6:21am on October 27, 2013, Tony Livingston said…

David, I'm not sure what a fly swap entails......

At 8:00pm on October 4, 2013, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
Spent some time tying up a few of my chosen standards...
- Modified McGinty
- The Humbug
The MCGinty is a classic pattern, a bee imitation. It's primarily a summer pattern, to be used near shore.
The Humbug its a shellback wet spider, a la, the Bullys Bluegill Spider. Weighted, its a deeper, spring/fall pattern. Sans weight, it's a general purpose design.
A few a day and I'll have a mess come Spring.
At 7:33am on July 15, 2013, Terry Wilson said…

Hi David, Thanks for the shoutout. Wishing you many beautiful vibrations.  Terry Wilson

At 6:08pm on June 13, 2013, Tony Livingston said…

Nothing wrong with that...worms flat-out catch fish!

At 5:41pm on June 13, 2013, DAVID L EITUTIS said…

I'M going to give a holler at young Master Jacob and see if I can't get him to make a short video of the BARNEY SHUFFLE and how to do it. I showed it to him and his dad last week and they really liked it and caught some nice fish doing it.

At 5:21pm on June 13, 2013, Tony Livingston said…

Jim touches on something that I firmly believe in...throw something different now and then! Especially in situations where the fish are pressured. Non-pressured fish will hit a lot more stuff, especially this time of year, but wary fish like to see something they haven't before......take it from someone who fishes the same pond every night, and practices catch and need to mix it up, in order to turn the action up!

At 4:41pm on June 13, 2013, David, aka, "McScruff" said…
I was knocking around the internet recently and ran across a technique I've never heard of.
It is called the Indiana Tube Jig and it is really simple. It is nothing more than a regular soft plastic tube body, which is affixed BACKWARDS on a normal jig head.
This gives it a sort of hydra-like look, with the tentacles undulating up around the jig head. I confess its pretty cool.
I'm sure you could also do it with a tube style jig head, too.

I haven't tried it, yet, but was wondering of any of you have heard of it, or maybe tried it?

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