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All BBG members:

We are organizing a donation drive for one of our new members, Mathew Blakeway. He is a hardworking young man, although like all farmers he is strapped for cash. As it turns out, he was given a VERY basic fly fishing outfit, and has taken to the sport like a duck to water. He is one of us, folks, a proud new member of the Fishing Family.

There is one problem, however, which he cannot overcome: Mathew lives in a very rural section of SOUTH AFRICA. There are absolutely NO opportunities for him to add to his fly fishing equipment.

He currently has a 6/7 wt. rod, some worn line and about 8 ragged, tattered flies - and that is it! At his current rate of usage, the flies probably wont last the season. He doesn't lack the will, friends; he lacks the means.

So we are trying to organize a small "Goody Drive" for him. I've packed up some flies to send - they should go out next week. That is PHASE ONE.

Carl Hendrix is gathering some tools and other useful items from his stash, to begin PHASE TWO. After talking to Mathew, here are the things most needed, in order of priority:


Brim flies, nymphs, small streamers, soft hackles, Wooly Buggers, small poppers and popping bugs - that sort of thing is needed

2. Spare 6/7 wt. WF line

3. Hook hone

4. Hook remover

5. Neck lanyard and/or retracts for tools

Optional items:

6. Furled and/or tapered leaders in bluegill/bass sizes.

NOTES: Through a weird twist of fate, large mouth bass and bluegill were widely distributed in South Africa in the 1930's. First came the large mouth bass, then bluegill were imported to feed them. In fact, South Africa's conservation folks now consider bluegill to be invasive. And, unlike here in the U.S., virtually no other native fish exist there! Bass and bluegill are about it!!

(Mathew occasionally has opportunity to fly fish for the only native South African sport fish, a species of barb called, "Yellowfish." They are distant cousins of our carp. They are found in only a few rivers, pretty far from his home. However, he can get to them once or twice a year.

While in the same family as carp, the yellowfish are predatory in habit. They live in deep holes and pools and feed on invertebrates, crustaceans and small fish. They can grow to pretty impressive proportions - imagine a cross between a small mouth and a carnivorous carp and you get the idea. If you have any deep patterns common to smallmouth bass, your donation of these would be greatly appreciated.)

Shipping to SA is not cheap, so the list is restricted to small and LIGHTWEIGHT items. Carl and I will work out the shipping between us. We are just requesting whatever you can spare from the list above... anything YOU wish YOU had were there no chance of restocking your fly fishing gear.

Send all donations to:

Carl Hendrix

525 Autumndale Drive

Gallatin, TN 37066

Remember, BASS (large and small mouth) and BLUEGILL flies! We are shooting for a donation deadline of February 7, so send your goodies SOON. And thanks in advance!

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I'll send the reel and floats. He can send me questions on the site. I have never been accused of being a skilled fisherman. I think I like it.

Thanks for participating, Keith. While Mathew can get basic things, he has to travel a good way to do it. When I say he lives in a rural locale, that is a fact. Having these things in hand has to be a nice treat for him.



Perfect! Stingers and Silents would be just the ticket for the wild ass bluegill they have there.

And I know the box will be appreciated - I forgot about those!

Ok, I did a little searching through my boxes.  So far, I have:

2 Bead-Chain Wolly Buggers, Olive, size 8

2 Flicted Damselfly nymphs, Olive, size 8

4 GFA Hoppers, size 8, 1 Yellow, 1 Brown, 2 Green

3 Gurgle-Pops, Yellow, 1 each size 2, 8, and 12

2 Cat's Meow nymphs, size 12, Olive/Gold

2 Deer Hair Caddis, White, size 12

1 of my foam-indicator emergers, size 12, Black - looks like a mosquito hatching out

1 Boa Yarn Leach, size 8, Black

9 Bead-Head Flashback Scuds, size 12, 4 Orange, 2 Pink, 3 Olive

4 Bead-Head Flashback Scuds, size 16, Olive

2 Chironomids, Red, size 12

6 Zebra Midges, size 12, 2 Black, 2 Red, 2 Chartreuse

2 Copperhead Nymphs, size 16

2 Griffith's Gnats, size 20

Since we have until Feb. 7th, I can probably add more to this.

David, I've got all these in an Altoids Tin.  I know Tooty says he is sending in a Fly Box.  Do you want me to turn the tin into one as well?  You can never have enough fly boxes.....

That is fantastic, Fuzzy! What an epic effort. I think that will more than enough.

I'm sure the tin/box would, if nothing, inspire Mathew as to what is possible. He is very inventive, since he has to make a lot of what he needs. Little is available out in the toolies where he lives - WalMart is a long, LONG way away!

Carl will be shipping in a small-ish box, so the tin will be just the ticket.

Looks like there are plenty of flies being donated. Hook removers? Hemostat? Fly box? Hook honer? I got spares. Not sure which is needed as I'm joining this a bit late in the game.

How about those small jig flies you tie? Im thinking of the Auto or something like it.

I'll provide a dozen or so of the spare autos. Plenty in all colors.

hey leo-- how about a good hook remover and a good hook hone?? any thing like that buddy.  cut off date as david says is feb. 7  we just got started today!


Plenty of time.

You can call the ball anytime you feel is right, too, Carl. Just go with it for a week or so and we'll see how it develops. Im pretty sure hes gonna make out. Im mostly concerned, now, with the spare fly line.

I got a spare size 16 to size 7/0 hook honer which I haven't each touch yet. How about the unHookum hook remover as Jeff Soto has been asking about to preserve the flies, since the cost for shipping anything over there kills.


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