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A Little About The Numbers in 2015.......75 Days on the Albemarle..........

As most are aware I keep very detailed fishing logs mainly used to look back on for planning purposes.......It has been another rewarding season on the Albemarle which included another successful family vacation covering from May to late June this year.  Not as hot as recent years but has come with an abundance of rain and I won't complain when many folks would like to see just a little rain at this point.......not a lot of tropical activity to date but we did receive over 4" last Saturday when the system that turned into Tropical Storm Claudette went through.........that took us over a foot of rain for the month of July but not enough to turn over the marsh and subsequently kill a bunch of fish.......So from the first of May through yesterday the 14th of July I have boated 2,626 sunfish with 1,012 at or above the 10" milestone that I seek most often.  This was a mix of Fliers, Warmouth, Redbreasts, Redears to 12", Coppernose and Seeds.  Pop, Dan and I caught 1,607 during our family fishing adventure which is competitive with recent years.  They departed on 6/19 and I have landed 994 since then mainly on trips by myself......not as fun but I consider July peak on the Albemarle and I already have caught 692 this month with half of July in front of me.......Compared to 2014 which I had tallied 3,619 sunfish for the year on the 1st of August, I sit at 3,096 today and need 523 to match that by the end of this month....That will be tough with more work than fun left in July but it has still been great for sure........Here's a few highlights from the last 75 days.........A toad from the 9th of June......

Another shot of a really nice gill.....

June the 11th was a special day and here was a classic Daily Double from that trip.......

Never get tired and the white jigs have been great this season......much better than recent years.....

Glad that Pop and i could share the Bluegill hole together yet another year!

His and Her Daily Double from the 16th of June........crazy day.......

A Big gill in my right hand and a Beast in my left........

Grand Daughter Myla gets into the action this year....she's a hoot and ready to fish!

This beast hit 1.3 pounds back on the 19th of June........

Heavier than the 1.3 pounder but all beat up and blind in one eye.......I froze this one for future endeavors..........

A big round one from the Father's Day outing...........

A crazy looking hybrid as well........

Good Dynamics on the Pasquotank River

Never get tired of these quest!

A toad from late June.....

This bloat was one of 262 gills caught and released on the 3rd of July.......incredible day!

This has been a bonus season on quality Shellcrackers too.........

 Been cracker crazy this month.......

Good dynamics last weekend.........

I will update throughout 2015 but it has been a good time and I look forward to the rest of the year to see what's in store.........Hopefully we avoid a major storm this year which will allow our fish to prosper..........

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Thanks Tooty......I keep waiting on the down turn but it has been an amazing run for several years now.....

You certainly have caught a lot of nice round plate sized brim this year.  It will not stop raining in Northwest Illinois this year. The fishing has not been great because of the water temps varying.  I would like it to not rain 1 week this summer.  I am envious.


Thanks Dilly.......I hope you get a break from the rains soon.........we have been very wet in coastal North Carolina this Summer but have been fortunate that the marsh has not been turned over.  This would lead to sustained periods of low oxygen and a very slow bite.......not the case, quite the opposite in that the accompanying wind tides have inspired some of the best feeding frenzies I've ever fished..........

Great summary Jeffrey!

Thanks Gerome..........I like to go ahead and photo document the's been a special run in recent years.......

Hey Jeff something I just realized, I never see any crappies mixed in with your panfish. Are they just not plentiful in your area? Still one hell of a fisherman.  Would love to come and fish your waters with you, bet it is pure joy. Haven't been seeing quite as many of your beautiful landscape photo's this year, toss us a couple bones let us notherners know what we are missing out on.

Thanks Chad.......still catch an average of about 2,500 Crappie and I post quite a few pictures of them but try not to overwhelm Big bluegill with too many crappie shots........Funny cause I hit a hot crappie bite this afternoon behind a passing cold front.........throwing up a couple shots.......

Wound up catching 886 bluegill in July with a very demanding work schedule........this took me to 3,290 for the season going into August just a couple hundred behind last year's pace.....I've been very satisfied with the quality and numbers for several years now on the Albemarle........haven't landed that personal best but some really fine fish in recent years given I fish public water the majority of the time..........these numbers are really good given the two regions that I'm not fishing in 2015 on's hard not to go to those spots but that's a big deal for 2016 and beyond...........

About 500 gills ahead of last year's pace but no vacation in July so we'll see where we end up.......we've been on a great run with no negative external factors in recent years........I'm holding my breath waiting for the shoe to drop............

August Daily Double......

Joe's big one from last weekend......

Joe's nice Daily Double from Mid August......

Reached 3,781 gills for the year earlier today with 491 in August which has exceeded my expectations for August........I'm on pace for a 4,400 to 4,600 year which ain't to bad considering my work load in 2015...........been a good run on the Albemarle in recent years......

Great numbers Jeff!

Thanks's been a great run.....


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