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I have not fished lake Perris from a float tube since they lowered the water several years ago.

I always launched my tube from Bernasconi Beach but that seams like an impossibility now. I know the Road still enters the water at Bernasconi but I'm not sure if they still let you launch from there. If they do… what time do they lock the gates?

Would love any input from regular PerrisTubers regarding the above and also with options they feel would be beneficial. Sail Cove is also a viable alternative. Particularly interested in the East end of the Lake… I never tubed there but see a lot of guys fishing it. Rock Climbers was always my favorite spot… Alas it doesn't exist anymore since the lowering of the water.

Also noted some discussion on what make of tube is best. My old one was a Caddis U Boat type… did the job but was hard work… looking for something that would make it a bit easier on my old knees. any input appreciated.



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You can still enter through the Bernasconi side. You just have to hike about 1/4 mile to the launch ramp, and try to get over the high growing weeds. The opening to get into the water is about 5ft wide, so, you still can do it. Even with the water drops, and rises, over the months, the access to the ramp remains wide open for tubers. Quite difficult for boat to enter into this area, risking quite a bit of scratches.

Road in the back opens about 06:00hrs. But you can expect a bit of a delay until 06:30hrs, which is the latest. Make sure to pay the gate fee using the envelop or you'll get a nice surprise on your windshield. You have to be off the water by 17:30hrs, as the sun is setting a bit early. 

Of course, with the Caddis U-boat, which I did had two, now down to one, it's best to get a V-boat. Looks for black Friday sales coming up for a Fish Cat 4, or if you're having a body mass that approaches the 300 to 400lbs category weight, best to get the upper supportive Cumberland. The V-boats will provide you with amble amount of opportunities to add mods to provide your fishing needs. Jeff Soto, our older veteran on the water, can provide you more on the boat-vs-human's aging body needs on the water. I'll provide you play-by-play on mods to support your weary body if needed, including supportive side frames to hold rods, equipment, and of course, a kitchen sink if needed..?


Since it's the fall, plenty of opportunity to hunt for late spawning and feeding along the Parking Lots 11&12 launch ramp. Kick over to the south-east end for catfish and juvenile bass, no more than 3lbs.

If you're planning on launching off the main launch ramps, kick straight over to the north side of the island sandy shoreline on the west. Plenty of fun there, including trolling the deep water for interesting bodies.

If you're adventurous, hit he Sail Cove, stroll along the dam, and surely, your effort will pay off with hunkered school of large bass suspending together during high noon hours.

However, panfish masters always patrol the southern areas of the lake, hitting the tire reef, and hidden structures. For me, I like to tackle the weedlines and sunken bushes for those notorious hidden coppernose hunting for drowning victims.

Be on the the look out for notifications of incoming imported water from Big Bear, Silverwood, and Colorado Aqueduct by the Eastern Water District, where the water level will increase for a week at a time, creating great feeding opportunity for both bait fishes and predation species. Catfish and carps love to hunt the newly flooded zones along the Bernasconi south side for exposed worms, beetles, and smaller species go for caterpillars and smaller insects.

Thanks Leo for the input… valuable info there.

So, youre liking the Cumberland now, Leo?

Thats good to know....

No David. Just something I agree upon for economical pricing and supportive of body weight. If I have the cash, I go straight for the Prowler, or the Scadden's Escape.

I dont know what those are.

Instead of float tube Fish Cat 4 LCS, the Prowler, same company that makes Fish Cat 4, is the top tier of the float tube. Dave Scadden's Escape is the upper-upper end of inflatable pontoon-float tube hybrid. If you have money to waste, why not these. If not, let's go down the Cumberland..

I checked them out Leo - they look worth every dollar.

I just am unlikely to have enough of them.

Cumberland for me,

Hey Rob…  Since I am the "older veteran on the water" (thanks Leo)  I can tell you a few things about 'tubing at the current Lake Perris.  You have fished quite a few times from LedHed and Big Red's pontoon boat, so you know the spots where the fish are.  However, to fish on the east end or even the productive "Tire Reef", you have got a long way to go kicking your float tube from the Bernasconi Rd launching spot.  I, like you, really like the Rock Climbers Cove area, even though there is no cove any more.  There is a nice pile of rocks or riprap along there and that area can be a good spot for nice BGs, plus it's not very far from the launch area.

 I usually launch my Fish Cat 4  from the Bernasconi launch spot and head straight out a hundred yards or so, (to about 15 ft. of water) then either head south toward Rock Climber's Cove and the dam, or north  toward the Tire Reef. I start slowly trolling my ultralight 2 lb test outfits rigged with a jig/cricket combo or a dropshot rig with a small circle hook baited with a cricket or earthworm.  

The "Two Palms" spot north and around the bend from Bernasconi can be a great place also.  I don't know why the fish congregate here, but at times they are just all over this spot.  I really would like to 'tube the east side of the island, because I have done so well there from a boat, but there aren't any open spots along the east side of the lake to launch a float tube from.

 If you would like to get more info from me Rob, send me a "message" and let me know.

Thanks Jeff… As I understand you don't like the foam seat and went with an inflatable. How did that work out for you. I would imagine you sit higher in the water?

I'm around 225 lbs quite a bit lighter than I was, when I tubed before.

I've done a mod on this too:

Air cushion modded

Jeff went with the easier approach, as he just sits on top of it. Me, I like to integrate it for the long run.

If you want a less expensive fish cat, you could go with a creek company odc 420.  The only difference between the two are, the boston valve to inflate the tube is in the pocket, and the boston valve on the fish cat is behind the pocket.  If you haul a lot of gear the pockets are limited due to the valves.  I like my odc 420.  It has heavy material on the bottom to minimalize punctures.  It is well made.  I holds 300 lbs.  The odc 420 lite has a inflatible seat, but the odc 420 has a foam cushion.  Just a suggestion.



I have an ODC-420 Light (it does not have an inflatable seat, it has a hard foam seat), and I have this to say about it: I got it at a great price on eBay and it has served me well and ridden over all sorts of snags and what not without a puncture, , but one day I happened to see a Fish Cat 4 in the Rancho Cucamonga Bass Pro Shops, and I said to myself, "Self, you should have bought yourself one of those." The valve position, the pocket sizes, everything was just better.

I need to get a new pair of waders (mine leak slightly somewhere and I come out a bit damp every time I use them, wish I could figure out some reason why I need a Fish Cat 4 to go with them LOL.

I've never tried a Cumberland and so can't comment, but if the choice comes down to FC 4 or ODC 420, go with the FC4. You'll be glad you did.

And thanks for the info on tubing Perris, guys. I hope to make it here next spring or summer.



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