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What's your favorite Bluegill outfit(s)..Rod, reel & line?

  My rods and reels are not expensive, but they do a great job of catching large, strong fighting panfish. Part of their success is accomplished by using good quality-made reels that have smooth drags and can handle very light lines. Reels that have a drag that grabs and binds are of no use to me. A 1 pound Redear will take off and run like crazy and if you are using 2 pound test line and your drag binds a little... SNAP!...There goes a good fish with your lure in it's mouth..

Here's my current favorite outfits:

1. Rod- Daiwa "Spinmatic" #602 1-4 lb test line 6 ft long 1 piece
Reel- Abu Garcia 301 ultralight spinning (great smooth drag)

2. Rod- Daiwa "Heartland" trout rod 5 ft 2 piece 1-6 lb test line
Reel- Daiwa "Crossfire" 1000 ultralight spinning reel

3. Rod- Quantum "Micro" MS-54UL 4' 6" super ultralight Rated for 1-2 lb test line  (This is an older rod, bought it around 1993)
Reel- Daiwa "Spinmatic-X 500T This is my favorite set up for Bluegills because it is so tiny, even small fish are fun to catch. I have landed several 3 to 4 lb bass and Channel Catfish with this tiny rod.

4. Rod- Daiwa "Spinmatic #SMC 401ULFS 4ft  1-4 lb test line
Reel- Pflueger "President" #6920 ultralight spinning reel
This is my close-in brush and dock jigging rod.  Also is nice to use while vertical fishing jigs, spoons and bait from a float tube.

I use various 2 lb test lines, either Trilene XL , Maxima, Izoreline XXX, or Yo-Zuri Hybrid brands. A couple of these rods are older models, but I keep them clean and take care of them. Remember too that with a longer rod, you can cast tiny spoons and jigs farther, but fishing from a float tube like I do, you don't need to make very long casts.

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I'm hoping my favorite rod will be the one Walt Foreman made for me. Statically it is great...but I need to get a fish on the end of it. Had a knee replaced 6 weeks ago and my surgeon released me today...told me to fish...kayak.....whatever I wanted to do. I walked into his office...walked out of is office overjoyed and drove the 60 miles back home. By the time I got home the swelling had taken away all use of muscle. Now I can hardly walk...oh well...such is life. But hopefully the swelling will go down and I can put my new rod to work soon. It is made on a 2wt fly rod the acton and it is nice to look at too. I have a Stradic FJ 1000 series on the rod and it is spooled with 1# test NanoFil.


I for one can't wait to hear how the rod does, Randy!  Hopefully you can scare up some big 'gills and 'crackers to put it through its paces (if this Jekyll-and-Hyde weather would mellow a little).

 My FAVORITE is a Cabela's CZN 9'6" 4pcs 3wt rod with a Ross Fly-Cast 1 reel filled with 50yds of backing and an Orvis silver-label 4wt wf-f line.  (I believe the rod is made for Cabela's by St. Croix) . Gives me really good distance and accuracy, has a wonderful "fish-on" feel too...................Don in SC 

My favorite is a G.Loomis SR841-2 IMX with a Shimano Stella 1000FB & 4lb P-Line Floroclear.  Just got a Phenix Elixir 801-2 1-6lb.  Will use a Stellla on this as well.  Think this might be my 'New" favorite outfit for 'gills.



600-700 dollar reels for gills?  seriously?

The Shimano Stella reels are only around $500.   LOL   And they are fine.  The best way to get one is in a "Used Tackle" store in Japan.  Japanese anglers trade in their reels like Americans trade in a used car for a new model.  And Shimano brings out a new model reel 2 times a year in Japan... once a year in the US.  

So you have a reel that's maybe been used 5 or 6 times and is excellent condition in the original box, going for $250. I get guys fishing with us that show up with two spinning and 2 baitcasting Stella reels on custom rods and a suitcase full of lures.  BIG Bucks $$$.  That's when my friend told me about the Used Tackle Stores.  LOL

i have often heard that the japanese-made shimanos were superior to the malaysian-made reels, but even at 250.00 bucks, i could outfit myself with something a bit more practical.  i have always considered panfish to be working man, blue-collar fish, and not to be bothered by the price of equipment.   that being said, i bet the stella is a fine machine.  

Your right you don't need something that fancy.  LOL  Long as your having fun, it doesn't make a difference what your using. They sell croppy poles too.  LOL

Next time your in Hawaii, let me take you by our local fishing store...

Yes, it's a little over the top I admit.  I have 50 rods and 40 reels.  20 years in the tackle business will cause you these problems!  The Stella's I use more when trout fishing, since I fly fish they are now gill and crappy reels.  I have a few friends that find it funny to be fishing 'gills and such with $800.00 outfits. I did get them at a killer price so when you look at it hat way it's no so bad!



 i use either a 6' ul st. croix premier paired with a shimano sahara or a 6' st. croix premier light power paired with a quantum catalyst.  both are spooled with trilene 4 lb. test.  i have a habit of meeting up with angry smallmouth bass when fishing.

"2 panfish rods here-- 6'6' G. Loomis GL3 Light rod w/ Daiwa Advantage 2000 spooled w/ 4 # Berkley Fluoro. Great float & jig rig. Also, 5'6" Falcon Original rod w/ Pinnacle Alyssa CR ultra light reel spooled w/ 4# Suffix ice…"

A Stella seems a taaaaad overkill lol-- would like to try the lightest reel in the Patriarch series

Premium gear lasts for years. Cheap gear usually fails quickly & needs to be replaced often. Wasted  $ IMO


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