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As I turn the last page of the “SLIP’S 2017 LOGS, STATUS AND STRATEGIES” log book on an astounding year of angling… I think back on the initial strategies and goals for the year. I wanted to tag at least (4) Trophy Master Angler Panfish and that would include one thru the ice which would be a PB using that method. I ended up with 2 trophy P.Seeds thru the ice with a PB at 9.8" as well as(13) total Master Anglers thru the rest of the open water season!

To accomplish this feat I would greatly scale down my presentations to micro lite equipment… rods, reels, lines and baits. Careful considerations of lines were incorporated into my methods which would not exceed 2# mono diameter…and super lines that would approach 8# test or above to handle the trophy quality of fishes sought.

I would also aim to make my time on the water more productive by timing the trips with solunar periods… majors and minors on New and Full Moons. I've discovered big fish follow the moon… period! 2017 proved that especially considering the hard water Ice Period. I was on the big fish spots on the peak periods and it paid off!... BIGly!!!

I think I coined a phrase “Fishing for the Numbers by the Numbers” by incorporating all methods and strategies to gain my odds on the water for numbers as well as numbers of trophies. By the end of the day and all the numbers were tallied for 2017 I broke many records for the Master Angler Program in at least 2 counties.

I’m hoping for an even better season for 2018 and success for the fishermen following BBG!


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Daylight savings time is finally here!... it’s like flipping a hard switch with me. Ice fishing mode to Open water mode… off-on. This year im thinking of it as a soft switch… I kept off the ice this year because of the physical toll it requires on the lower back and legs. Hopefully my chronic condition will still allow me to sit and relax on a boat multiple trips like last season… I’m counting on it! It is both my physical as well as psychological therapy. Just being on the water

There was so much reward out there last year… many quality and quantities of fish. Last season I helped family and friends get in the books with some quality trophy fish. Heck Earl tagged (6) Master Angler certified fish putting him second place in the county!

Kenny tagged (2) Trophy Master Angler P.Seeds in one day… one was an exceptional beauty! … but was unable to certify them because he was on private waters… this year Kenny² is determined to register a certified fish on public waters.

My friend Dennis expressed interest in tagging a Master Angler… spent some time at my place… borrowed one of my Long-Cast/Micro Jig/Swim Bait set-ups and tagged a Master Angler P.Seed on his third trip on one of my secret spots.

This year is a goal to get one or more G.Kids on the books.

Confidence out on the water allows such a thing to happen. The knowledge-base built from studying websites and other media is certainly a huge portion of my method

Examples for me are…

  • -Great publications such as In-Fisherman magazine. I love the electronic medium subscription on the in-fisherman app. This is loaded on my Android tablet and is taken with me on all my trips.
  • -Fishing web sites, blogs and social media are a great way to add some knowledge base. You-Tube has been a great medium to pick up some tips from fishermen willing to share their successes and advice.
  • -Old books  and methods on fishing still offers some solid bed rock fishing tips… “Charlie Brewer Sliders … finesse fishing… do nothing” and “nite crawler secrets” are just a small example of solid tips that have become fundamentals in serious fishermens quivers.

20180311- woah! 128 days without feeling the tug of the line! It’s certainly one of the longest stretches I can remember!!.

Looking back at this time last year we were in open water transition and I had (2) Master Angler certs under my belt. Feeling a little anxious is an understatement.

Making good use of my time though… studying and developing a solid game plan building off of last years successes and failures.

20180311- preparation preparation!   

Slip/float/pink-waxie method will be a big part of the early game preparation… April/May was the big-time period for this hot method…right now im tweaking rod/reel/line combinations. Will be sharing any progress!

I've got Pink Maggots, but not Waxies.  Not sure if it makes a difference or not.  I also tied some of these this past Winter, maybe I'll give them a shot :)

I use both Allen… I don’t know maybe it’s just me with a little preference edge to the waxies… I like how they are shaped like an insect abdomen… trigger for fish … or for fishermen… lol

I wish I could brandish a fly rod again… I started using my dry flys under the slip float tipped with waxie… seemed to cause some extra excitement with the pre spawners and post spawners hanging still near the nesting sites.

Sir you ty an exceptional fly… I always enjoy your posts showing your ty-s …

are you new to tipping with GULP Pink waxies?

I've been using the pink maggots for several years now.  Still on my original bottle.  I think I got the idea from you :)

I actually tied those up for ice fishing.  That's a tungten bead, and there's lead wire underwraps.  I've fished one by itself, and it sinks slowly.  Not as slow as a 1/80th jighead, but slower than a 5mm tungsten ice jig.  Probably somewhere along the lines of a 1/64th oz jig with all the dressing materials.

Im surprised how long a bottle lasts… very September I run real low… usually the pink runs out the fastest… I recently noticed a pattern with color… the chartreuse seemed to out produce pink during clear water/bright sunny days basically its how I use and distribute them now… evens out the bottles nearing the end of the season.

The thing for me was overcoming traditional rituals and establishing new faith in use of the product. Im constantly being reinforced by fishing with Earl (die hard nite crawler fisherman). When we are on the fish and bite we are fishing toe to toe with numbers and quality… there are those days though when one out produces the other.

…what do you call this one? if i could cast this one like a .016 oz jig id put this one in the books... pm me id like to set something up

I haven't named it yet.  Sent you a PM.

20180311- hmmmm.... ultimate b.gill/panfish boat... fantasy


20180311- fantasies can come true right?

... boat hold 9 persons... wow... that would be a great pan-fish party


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