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good morning, guys,

     can anyone recommend a line that will give me more casting distance?  i've been using trilene xl for decades but i would like to try something different.  appreciate the help and Merry Christmas to all


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Merry pre-Christmas to you ask well Rich. This is a very loaded question, you know that right?

What weight are you looking for? The lighter the weight, the stiffer the line, like poly, while sacrificing the sensitivity.

Rod type? Casting distance is also proportional to your rod type (light, med, heavy action vs length). If I go for the ultra long cast, talking about 100ft+, I use my 8ft medium action rod.

What are you fishing for? Sensitive like trout, or don't give a crap like catfish and tilapia? Now you're bringin back line type, total weight of presentation, and the whole kit and caboodle of questions and answers.

People thing line selection is a no brainer. On the contrary, selecting a line is literally like rocket science in a nutshell.

definitely talking of bluegill and other panfish.   i use a six or six and a half foot, light power premier spinning rod with shimano symetre 1000 reels.  i should have laid this info out first.

So, you're chasing after panfishes, with medium size rods, light action, with a large reel. Are you using slow sinking presentation, or don't care at the moment? Winter is about ultra slow presentation, or are you chasing after the ones huddling at the bottom?

no, i am using a light power, fast action rod.   the reels are 10 series, which are on the small size.  i will be incorporating all types of approaches.  sigh.  winter fishing here in ohio is spotty at best, especially when everything is ice covered.  i really didn't want to create a scientific thesis.  i just was curious as to what type lines others used to extend casting distance.

LOL Indeed Rich.

As Slip, or of the Nanofil and GLISS, expensive lines for testing with pros and cons. Each person tends to have slight variation of pros and cons, but the overall info about each type is inline. So far, these two are much preferred for ice fishing actions, as well as being used during other warmer seasons.

I have yet to use GLISS, but have been using Nanofil for the past 3 years. Proper maintenance of the line after usages can extend the line's life much longer. I will be glad to give GLISS a try once I'm settled in completely at my new place, and create a consistent schedule. Family, work, and fishing don't mix well.

So far, when I got chances to fish as my wife's parents came to visit, I spooled up PowerPro braid, Nanofil, Vicious, Sufix, and many other braids (6 poles at the ready on every outing), even a few mono and fluoro like Stren, Spiderwire, Kastking, Mr. Crappie, etc., etc.. So far, Nanofil is my fav if I have the extra money to splurge. Stren and Sufix to fall back on. GLISS is whole different budget monster to splurge on. If Slip indicated it's good to use, take it as a reference to aim for.

…thanks Leo for your confidence!

here is another consideration as Leo states Nanofil is a great line you won't be disappointed if you use 6# or under and you will be under the 2# mono diameter equivalent... 8# Nano gets a little stiff or coiled for the real light stuff even though it is around that magic 2# mono equivalent so some sensitivity is lost. some users may not notice it. but GLISS is very supple and does not come under the 8# test. 8# Nano wins casting distance over 8# GLISS... Nano is the longest casting that im familiar with... Nano or GLISS for me are casting distance winners over braid.

The three things to help improve casting distance are:  1)  Wide-spool spinning reels.  Wider spools make it easier for line to peel off.  2)  Bigger eyes on the rod.  You may have to have a custom rod built for this, or take a store-bought rod to a rod smith and have that person replace the eyes with bigger eyes.  Large eyes make it easier to gather the loops, reducing friction, from what I've been told.  3)  Thinner line!  Use the thinnest stuff you can get away with.  Personally, I like PowerPro braid.  Strong, thin, and gets the job done.  However, Nanofil is probably even better, but costs almost twice as much.

An argument can be made for longer rods as well.  However, once you get up around 10' long or so, you have to start worrying about  adding a shock leader to keep from breaking your line in the cast.  However, I seriously doubt anyone is trying to toss panfish-sized lures with a rod that long.

Just switching out the line has given me some impressive casting distances with smaller lures.

See Rich? You've just opened a box full of loaded info.

…i really like what Allen states here for casting distances and reducing the friction between line and guides... very important when throwing those really light baits 1/50 or under.

Rich… for me line consideration is thee most important consideration when it comes to panfish rigging and tackle. Fishing line is the central nervous system of your method rigging. But it is not all about the line… it is the composition of the whole rig line, rod and reel. Ive been experimenting with rigs for fishing and have pretty much switched up from bass fishing to panfishing… yes I said switched up!

For me I like a balanced system and have found perfection in designing specific rig systems for the type of fishing and family of baits I would be using. I have drifted away from a do it all with one rig approach.

I have a recent fondness for GLISS and Nanofil. I can spool a reel with GLISS at 8# test with 2# mono diameter and cast far and winch in 30 inch class N.Pike and Channel Cats that have sucked in those tiny offerings.

I have just recently put together a sweet spot rod for long-casting/tiny ice jigs/gulp waxie offerings at impressive distances with a fast tip trout action rod with 4# Nanofil.

Going Gliss would be a huge step forward for your system I think and is comparable to braid in prices.

Don’t forget super lines will last multiple years on a rig undercutting the cost of monofilament. Ive had braid on some of my systems lasting over 7 years… Nanofil going on 4 years.

thanks, slip.  that was more what i was looking for. 

as for different systems, i have had and used them all from steelhead gear to fly fishing to leadcore trolling.   for panfish i prefer light power rods as i do hook into occasional smallmouths that have some pretty big shoulders.

i am not new to fishing, having done all sorts since the early 60s.   i spent a small fortune on tackle over the decades and have worn out many reels by fishing many days in a given year.  i'm not a rookie or a youngster when it comes to fishing.  i became complacent by using trilene xl and thought i would try something different.   

Glad to here of your experience Rich… When I post I usually try to cover all the bases from beginner to veterans. We have a quite a few old timers like us on board and beginners. I knew nothing of catching the large Lepomis just a few short years ago… just b.crappie… now im hooked and addicted… this site made that happen… lol

 I used to use trilene xl and xt also and have spent tons on bass tackle etc with huge hip roof tackle boxes etc… those days are over for me… lol… ive think ive finally found my niche in fishing hopefully I’ll stick to it.

The thing is there is so much choice out there for line selection and types it is truly mind boggling beginners to skilled veterans… and the technology changes quickly in the market to add to the confusion.

What I see on this site is many that have switched to braid from mono and that is a great thing … thinner and stronger. I have it installed on all my slip/float rigs because of its toughness and weed cutting ability. I toss my slip float rigs into the dirtiest water and usually come up a winner.

i was tossing very thin ice braids with slick coatings for extra distance not too long ago… I love experimenting.

One thing I hated most is swapping out mono several times a year don’t miss that at all.

Yep if you tangle with the big preds while using your panfish rig I feel GLISS is the line for you… you won’t be disappointed in it.


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