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Big Bluegill Members...Who Do You Want to Fish With, and Why?

Okay guys and girls...let's do this! There are a lot of great anglers on this site, and for more species than bluegills. And there are people on this site that just seem like 'family'. So...given that, who would you like to fish with, and why? It can be as many folks as you want...and it doesn't JUST have to be about the fishin'!

I'll start it off, and in no particular order. I would like to fish with...

Jeffrey D. Abney...He's from Elizabeth City, NC, my grand parents are from Elizabeth City, NC, and he fishes 8 days a week from one of the premier public bluegill regions on the planet. His food photos look sooo good, his fish photos look good and the NC blackwaters are a classic Dixie trademark.

Tony Livingston..The Hybrid Sunfish King, this man can raise 'em! Plus, he is innovative, thoughtful, funny, considerate and appears to be the perfect gentleman. But I'd be willing to put up with all of that just to spend a few days fishing his ponds.

Derrick Bustle...I like this guy...bluecollar, fishes close to home, catches lots of big bass without all the fancy tournament gear. And...he is from North Carolina, another plus!

Bruce Condello...I've had the great pleasure to fish with this guy and he is an absolute, on-point angler when persuing ANY specie of fish! He may be the only man alive to have caught two, three pound bluegills, in one day! Always seeking to perfect his craft.

Jeffrey D. Abney...Did I mention him? OK, never mind.

John Sheehan...Fishing pressured, local waters in New Jersey is tough, and this guy puts 'em in the boat, year round. I need to sit down with this man an have him show me some licks on the guitar!

Bill 'Musky' Mod...Great angler, expert in the deep/cold water and tough conditions plus it looks like he can really cook! A multi-species man, check out his Road and Snake productions on youtube for giant channel cats and more!

So...get the idea? Who do you want to fish with? And why?

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Wow!!! This is gonna' take awhile just to wrap my mind around many great anglers, and great people here, I may need to sleep on it just to collect my thoughts....I can already tell that my response will be a long one!

In the meantime however, how's this for a fantasy scenario:  A gathering of the BBG faithful, randomly drawn teams of two...turned loose for a day at Richmond Mill..... I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

OK here we go! Again, in NO Particular order. ......

 Patrick ......"Bullworm" Olson because I like ice fishing, but any ice in GA. is very rare. I know from his pictures he can find the giant gills in MN. 

 Jeffrey Abney......because I like fishing black water, and know how hard he fishes. 

  Tooty, need I say more......  us old geezers would have a great time catching gills, while reminising about the good old days.

  Federico ...... I want to catch a chichlid, and he knows how it's done in TX. He also has some giant gills from the lone star state. 

 Allan Morgan.... He likes river fishing, and does well on many different species. 

 Tony Livingston.... The fish he grows are incredible. I would love to tie into some of his hybrids.

 Bill Modica..... I have said this before, I would really like to spoon fish with him, and learn first hand from the spoon master.

 Jim Gronaw..... I would not only like to fish with him in his home waters,  but also sit down at the tying bench and learn to wrap hackle like he does on those deadly bead heads he ties.

 Mike Chell..... Another great flyfisherman here, I would like to fish some of those shallow Florida lakes with him for those giant gills he catches.

 Dick Tabbert..... He makes everyone feel welcome and at home,besides being a good fisherman.  A day on the water with him would be a memorable one for sure. 

 Jen.......... I want to float tube, and learn how to catch those big Okie gills on a fly as she does so well. 

 Truthfully I would like to be able to fish with each and everyone on this great site. Everyone here has something to offer. 

You are right, Mike...quiet and solitude, taking in what God has given us to enjoy, can be a soothing, solo event. I find myself more and more fishing by myself, unless I am with a close family member or, like this past year, teaching children how to fish. I too abhor the radio/cell phone/drinking gig as well. Good perspective!

I would like to go fishing with Jeffery D. Abney, Bruce Condello, and Jen.  If I didn't mention your name, please do not feel left out, as I'm still learning folks names here.

I would also like to do a "tie-in" with all the fly-tyers here.  A nice symposium, sharing and learning tips and tricks to tying flies that sunfish can't resist.

I would like to fish with:

Walt foreman, he has some real monsters at his ponds and he is a great guy to be around with, really enjoyed the 3 days that I sent fishing with him earlier this year

Jim Gronaw, would love to hear more insight on jig fishing and how to tie them, he also has a lot of great fishing location in his area and knows how to find the big ones

Jeffrey D. Abney, like I've said before catching some of those fliers has to be on my bucket list and the places he fishes have to be some of the most beautiful waters I've seen

Tony livingston, his ponds have some of the biggest BGH I've ever seen, and would like to just plain spend a couple of days talking tackle,lures and techniques

Bruce Condelo, I would really enjoy a couple of days fishing with him  and learning some more on his insights on bluegill fishing

Don't forget Leo, I would like to spend a couple of days with him talking bluegill, tackle, gadgets etc.... he just seems like a guy that knows about a lot and really enjoys fishing

I'm with Vince on this one, I think thee is a lot to learn for each and everyone here at this sight

And, while I'm up, Id say I must fish with Led Hed and Fabbi for those powerhouse coppers at Lake Perris...a dream trip in an arid, desert setting with huge, rotund gills and bonus bass, crappie and tanker channel cats. What a trip and learning experience it would be from these folks!

Also...Jacob Hill...they say 'Take a Kid Fishing', but I want this kid to take ME fishing! Multi-species bonanza with this young angler, and he seems to have a knowledge of classic rock tunes from the 70's. I'll blame his dad on that one!

And of course, Leo. We share a common faith, and we could talk for hours, floating around on!

As a relative new person on this great web site I'd be honored to fish with anyone mentioned above it would be really be a fun time and educational to say the least
..but with that said and I Had one choice to fish with his persn it would unquestionably be my older brother ...he taught me alot about fly and spin fishing when I was a youngster ..he bought me my first fly rod an eagle claw eight foot fiberglass rod with an automatic reel ... We built the first of many rods together by hand and they came out pretty darn good.. He is getting on in years and doesn't get out like he used to, but we still get out lake and pond fishing ocassinally .. Anytime he says he wants to go fishing I'm ready to go .....

Amen brother. Have a few spare float tubes to spare. Would love to fish with you, and enjoy the glorious creation under the clouds.

I would like to fish with everyone on my friends list, and if your not on there then id still want to fish with you and anybody can add or fish with me at anytime.


  SIR JEFFREY COMES TO MIND FIRST : why because he knowledgeable about the pursuit of panfish #1, #2 takes unbelievable pics , # 3 appears to be an excellent CHEF!!!!!!, #4 fishes in some of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen  for gills, flyers, red ears, and crappies. Also would like to meet his dad and family, and just seems to be an all around nice guy to spend some time with and doesn't appear to have an enlarged EGO like he could.

   MASTER LEO, this kid is a marvel when it comes to techno wizardry and is a genuine article , great fisherman and always asking why something happens the way it does. Great family values, and alwaysssssssssssss tries to do the right thing by all he interacts with. 
    VINCE , being an old geezer like me we have similar interests and values also I believe. I also believe him to be a just great guy and willing to share anything he's got .

    You JIm!!!!! Your fly tying ability and knowledge of our hobby is astounding . Similar age as me and think you fish at a slower pace . GGGGGGGGGGotta watch you tie sometime!!

     GREG HOPPER AND JEN NAY FLY JEDI all in the same breath!!!!!!!!! BOTH OF THESE FOLKS have inspired me to be a better tier and experimenting with their bugs. I also believe they could teach ole TOOTY a thing or two about fly fishing!!!!!! 
      RICK KING, great tyer and friend . May not be enough room in a boat for the two of us but would like to give it a whirl in spring time in Michigan. SEMPER FI JARHEAD!

     DICK TABBERT, GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGENIUNELY NICE FELLA AND WILL HELP ANYBODY WITH ANYTHING and his dedication to the site here is legendary as the welcoming committee is much appreciated by all. Has a great inquisitive mind when it comes to tying and has a nice pond too.
      TIM BAER, excellent tyer of course and a real swell fella on top of everything else. LIKE JEN AND GREGHOPPER has inspired me to try different stuff and can't wait to try em all out in the spring this coming year.

     MARK SLEEPER, another GEEZER !!!!!!!!! NICE FELLA and lives in a beautiful part of the U.S. up northeast . I'm sure I could learn a thing or two about fly casting from him too!!!!!!
    LASTLY, AND NOT BY ANYMEANS , ON PURPOSE IN THIS SPOT. " THE LEADER OF THE BAND" BRUCE CONDELLO: WITH OUT HIS GENIUS ALL THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE!!!! HIS IDEA FOR THIS SITE and resources he indulged on us all is without EQUAL. I'D like to pic his brain and fish with him of course about the species in general. What a learning trip it would be. One and all on my list could be my mentors because with out each others knowledge we'd be missing so much. 

    Forgot Tony of course and shouldn't have because this kid can raise fish and would like to watch his fishing ability also.

   Led Head, Federico also are on the list and just plain catch BIGUNS alot and would love to see their techniques, along with Jeff Soto and so many others can't mention em all !!!!!!

    MASTER JACOB LINDNER HILL, nothing more needs to be said because I believe he is the brightest young star on here!!!!!!  Where did this kid learn it all and at so young an age? Dad of course and would really like to meet him toooooooooo!!!! HE RAISED THIS YOUNG MAN RIGHT IN MY ESTIMATION. 

    COULD GO ON FOR DAYS and anyone I forgot you just gotta forgive the old Geezer and oh yeah another Geezer LARRY HOUGHTON !!!!!!!!!

     SEE what I mean the list goes on " SO MUCH TALENT HERE TO LEARN FROM AND SO LITTLE TIME"...................


Grab an atlas, program the gps, and fill the thermos with sweet iced's time for a road trip!!

I'm headed first to the left coast....gotta' hook up with Jeff Soto...the man's angling skills are matched only by his taxidermy..beautiful work! And of course, no visit to Cali would be complete with out dropping in on Leo...I don't even need to fish, I just want to soak up the ingenuity and creativity that IS Leo...awesome!

Back in the car, headed southwest.... Texas, to be exact. I've got to find Federico, and somehow convince him to take me fishing for those huge RES, and those ASTOUNDING RBS.... there must be something in the water down there, cause' now Chris Kowaleski is doing it too!

Jump in the car and head north... Oklahoma next stop, and a rendezous with Greg McWilliams and Jen...watching these two with their flyrods would be akin to watching the maestro conduct his orchestra. Not to mention that I'm sure it would be a hilariously fun time.

Continuing further north, I reach Nebraska....we know what that means don't we... the abode of Dr. Condello.... Bruce, I will bait your hook, take off your fish, and row the boat....just for the chance to take notes...please?

Still headed north, into Minnesota. Bullworm lives here....and I have never caught yellow perch through the ice....always wanted to, though..... I love the hard water, and Patrick knows his stufff... how bout' it?

Turning south now, and a little further east... Illinois comes into view. You think I'm going to pass up the chance to learn deep water BG techniques from the MASTER?? Not happenin'...Bill Modica, here I come!

And, no visit to Illinois would be complete without stopping by Tooty's house.... I mean come on, aren't you just dying to see what his "Bug Vault" looks like???   Can we hit Doc's pond while we're there?

More southeast highway travel. Going to pay Walt Foreman a visit....I like talking to other folks who manage ponds....always a great way to learn something new... And I'll bet I can talk Walt into introducing me to my first Coppernose gills also....

Back north, into Ohio, and the home of Dick Tabbert, BBG ambassador supreme.... I just want to spend the afternoon with Dick, fishing in his pond, and talking...well, actually listening...Dick has a wealth of experience under his belt, and I'm sure I would come away a more knowledgeable angler. Thanks again Dick, for all you do here at BBG.

On to the east coast, to pay a visit to John Sheehan....this guy just flat gets it done, no matter the circumstances... Hey John...remember how I've never caught a Yellow Perch through the ice? If Bullworm's tied up and unable to take me fishing, can you help a brother out with that??

Jump in the car, head south...Maryland, and Mr. Jim Gronaw.....not only do I desperately want to fish with Jim, but I want to talk with Jim.... Jim writes, and he writes about fishing....that is so awesome! Jim, you take me to your favorite HBG pond and I'll buy the gas...whaddya' say?

Still headed south, to North Carolina....Jeffrey Abney...what can I say? I've got a confession to make here though....if Jeffrey takes me fishing, I'm gonna' be in the opposite end of the boat from him for sure....strictly because I want to try my methods, and my baits ,to see if I can match him, fish for fish.... and I'm not starting with pink....just have to answer this question for myself once and for all....never fear though, I'll have plenty of Jim Gronaw's grass shrimp ready for a backup in case my plan fails....even some pink ones.....

And that concludes my BBG road trip. Unfortunately there are many more anglers here that I didn't get to fish with this time around, and that just won't, I'll just extend the invitation to everyone  right now....if you find yourself in Indiana with an afternoon to spare, look me up....  I know a spot where the fish are big and feisty.....


That is a great trip you have planned - what a great ride, nicely done Tony


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