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The New Catalog is Here Contest

First - I have a tackle review item to share and it is rating the Big Box - Bass Pro Shops Spring Catalog.


Actually - let me refresh that review because while I think it deserves more than one word for a review. If I didn't have to inform you of why I believe this catalog to be only good for recycling and an average worm-bedding, I would stick with a review of absolute lacking in good live bait tackle. Someone correct me but I think black & white newspaper makes better bedding for worms. If this is true, then it is even less desirable - it would only serve as recycling pulp.

I am going to make a contest out of this so read to the end of my review and then add your guess to win a complete set of fishing floats from Bear Tackle.

For catching fish for the average angler (( US )), this catalog is the usual set-back for the bluegill and multi-species angler, it caters to one species. For the rest of us who fish public waters where the fishing pressure is a little higher and the fishing that much tougher - this catalog will prevent you from catching.

Like playing poker, golf or bowling, wishing you had better cards, wishing the shot had gone in or that more pins had fallen doesn't get it done. While you might wear a great poker shirt, a classic bowling outfit or really tricked out golf clothing - this doesn't help you catch fish.

The feeling I used to get when that catalog was - "oh ya, time to stock up". Now the feeling I get is "Where's the Beef?" (TM Wendy's Corporation)... but where is my bluegill-catching gear?

Now the catalog is like finding a needle in a haystack field.  There is no good splitshot in this catalog, the hooks aren't good, the lines are too heavy and I don't remember seeing a single float so for me to refer an angler to this catalog would be sending them to a deserted island of tackle or an out-of-business tackle shop.

I had an angler bring up a point regarding artificial lures and this catalog. My advice here is that the even for the majority of (( US )) - they treat the bluegill artificial angler like a red-headed stepchild. No offense to step parents anywhere (or my red-headed readers who might happen to be adopted). Jigs too big, too few, lines designed for much larger lures with no lighter lines - there is no effort to gear anglers like us up. For Bluegill artificials you might find the tiniest bit more that are usable, their reels, some boat rods - but really there should be so much more for us. Even for the Bluegill artificial-(only) angler I am still going to rate this 4 hooks (out of 10). Lacking, inadequate, too heavy- a cliche' selection of one species tackle. No.

For live bait anglers and general fishers - out to catch some fish, some bluegills, this publication missed the boat, got caught by the wind and is now drifting in the middle of the lake. I rate this 1 Hooks (out of 10). I would rate it worse, but they did give me a great contest to offer you.

February & March CONTEST

This contest is open through the "hard water season" and built to get us through the cold. If you guess closest - you will win one of (2) complete 7-piece float set from Bear Tackle the complete setup to catch more panfish like nothing else can.  Also (1) Copy of Live Bait Fishing Techniques - Book  a gift from David (everyone thank David!)

ONE GUESS per angler.  Sets given away on, from email, radio show & "other" spots... 


Tips to Win: I tore out items and the item information from the 2012 Bass Pro Shops catalog. I took all these clippings and then laid them out on 8.5 x 11" pieces of paper. I made my own catalog of "good stuff" I would recommend from these clippings. I pasted them all down and now have my own catalog. 

To win - GUESS the NUMBER of pages in MY Cut-out Bass Pro Shop catalog. This is gear that I thought was a good fit for fishing for bluegills from shore and what I would personally order out of all offered.

Tip #2: Read my blog posts to help get a mental picture for what I think is good.

Guess the number of pages in my altered Pro Shop catalog. When the contest is over (end of March) I will not only announce the winners, but you can download the .pdf of my personal catalog for your own fish-catching tackle shopping. 

Tip #3: There IS actually artificial equipment that I found innovative. 

Tip #4: There IS some cooking stuff that I found to be really cool.

Tip #5: If you want to catch more fish and bigger fish in 2012 - wait to order until you see my altered catalog!!! 

Tip #6: Have Fun - enjoy.

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Comment by Johnny wilkins on July 10, 2012 at 11:18pm

This was long ago but I have to revisit the winners.

Check in with your guesses - I will go through my emails once again. (I will need some proof you sent me the message to award the champions of the contest).

The answer is .9 pages or less than one. Here is my version of the catalog which might include interesting fishing items, and fish-catching tackle I might even use. The interesting items came mostly from cooking stuff and there is even a jig product listed- whuh?! Johnny with a jig - yes, i think this device looks pretty cool.

If you guessed 1 or less than one you are the winner. (More to follow).

1.5 might also have won you the contest..

Items I liked included the Bucktail Scrounger Jig - looks cook and might slow down presentation... hmmm...

French Fry Cutter, Jalapeño Popper Cooker Set, Perch-shaped cornbread cast iron form, and also two telescopic poles - which I may actually use this stuff on the page. 

What this does say about the Spring Catalog is that it lacked proper-sized hooks for general angling, the lines were too thick and the reels are, well overpriced and offer the live bait angler nothing to write home about. So - I am much less excited to receive these than the average bear.

Check in with me with your guesses - I will need a forward or message forward.

I believe Robert Kraft might have been on it - from my recollection of the emails sent and who else??

Comment by Dwayne Denison on April 6, 2012 at 1:43pm

who was winner of this?

Comment by Ronald A Wilson on February 17, 2012 at 7:58am

sometimes i order panfish stuff from a company in mo. the name is GRIZZLY JIG COMPANY 303 WARD AVE carutherrsville mo 63830    web site is  phone 18003059866

Comment by Johnny wilkins on February 16, 2012 at 8:21pm

Who has the winning answer? How many pages in my BPS 2012 Bluegill Catalog "Limited Edition Johnny-approved" pages.

Comment by Johnny wilkins on February 15, 2012 at 10:23pm

I need a tie-breaker I guess... if it comes down to a couple of tied entries (more than 3 as there are 3 sets of prizes) I will ask a follow-up question to break the tie.

Comment by Johnny wilkins on February 15, 2012 at 10:22pm

I have another guess from off-site for 3 pages. I think you are right regarding the variety of tackle here. The lines I saw nearly all started at 4 lb. +

The rods people use always interest me I did see some poles that I would order. I think the post took a positive turn when we started to request our own species / panfish catalog from BPS. That would be very cool. I did request if you make or want to sell tackle that you get in touch with me via message- I would be into getting that started.

Comment by Nick Holt on February 15, 2012 at 12:14pm

Hey Johnny,  I just received my BPS catalog last week and as usual, I was disapointed in the limited number of pages devoted to panfishing.  I believe that there were no more than 2 1/2 pages devoted to bluegill and crappie as far as soft plastics were concerend.  There was very little devoted to ultralite rods and reels and as for line, I saw ads for 2,4,6 pound test from just about every manufactorer.  I feel that there may be enough of us in BBG.COM that makes different tackle or equipment that we could come up with our own catalog for gill and other panfish species.  Nick. 

Comment by Tony Livingston on February 14, 2012 at 12:57pm

Johnny, I may not feel quite the same way towards BPS as you do, but I still harbor a secret desire to open the mailbox one day and find the BPS "Bluegill" catalog.......

You're not alone in that line of thought, my friend.

Comment by Johnny wilkins on February 14, 2012 at 12:27pm

I made some edits, tamed it down a bit. Mostly I would say that I am disappointed by the lack of bluegill equipment on the market and was once again disappointed when I read through the catalog.

Thank you to all who read and some advice I received - I need to be really positive about bluegill fishing and multi-species angling and not focus so much on a turf war that doesn't really exist with bass.

I am also preaching to the choir in that everyone loves the bluegill on this board so I think you get what I am saying - the contest is still on in hopes that maybe a special edition bluegill catalog can show up at my door from a big box store. Who knows right? Look for photos of the prize sets up here and start posting your guesses anyhow -


Comment by David, aka, "McScruff" on February 12, 2012 at 4:46pm

I may be a lone wolf here - I like the BPS catalog.

Do I swear by it? No, I like to use it as a comparison; something to refer to while in the loo.  Would I buy things from it? Sure.

I'm like Tony Livingston - I'll take what I can use where I find it.

Thanks for the contest!

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