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Packed with features of higher priced kayaks, the Ascend® D10T Sit-On-Top Kayak delivers great performance out on the water at a great value. Designed to meet the needs of all kayakers, the D10T starts with an advanced tunnel hull design, incorporating hydrodynamics that balance stability, maneuverability, and speed. The Deluxe Seat provides all day comfort with its extra padding and ergonomic, fully adjustable design. Adjustable foot braces allow for maximum flexibility and comfort regardless of water types or conditions. The kayak's large open cockpit gives you greater flexibility in cargo management as well as offering easy entry and exit at the shore with little restriction of movement out on the water. With deep molded storage on the port and starboard sides, large molded storage trays big enough for a standard-sized tackle box, and other useable quick stow areas, this kayak gives you plenty of room for gear storage. A built-in multipurpose sternwell gives you a convenient storage space large enough for a five gallon bucket, dry bag, or a 36 quart cooler. Wide gunnels and plentiful molded flats give the hardcore paddler or extreme angler a place to stow secondary accessories. Quick hold paddlekeepers molded into the Port and Starboard gunnel allows a stable resting point for your paddle when loading or launching your kayak. Multiple drain holes in the sternwell, seat pan, and footwell areas keep water from pooling in the bottom of the kayak. The D10T comes with two Scupper Plugs for the seat pan area for winter paddling or rough water days. At the end of the day, the threaded and sealed drain plug allows you to quickly drain excess water, while the 2 molded-over rubber grip handles make carrying the kayak a simple task. Durable high density polyethylene construction. Length: 10'. Width: 34". Weight: 62 lbs. Weight with seat: 65 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs (24kg). Made in USA.

  • High performance kayak without the high price
  • Custom-crafted tunnel hull design - ultra stable
  • Advanced hydrodynamics - balances stability, maneuverability, and speed
  • Deluxe, padded and adjustable seat
  • Personal dry storage deck plate system
  • D-ring bow anchors for customizable storage
  • Large stern well for multipurpose storage
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Recessed molded paddle holders
  • Multiple drain holes and drain plug
  • Two scupper plugs
  • Advanced hull design: Custom crafted hydronamic hull encompasses an extended keel integrated into a low profile tunnel hull to achieve a perfect blend of maneuverability, tracking, and stability
  • Adjustable cushioned seating system: Ergonomic seat design with closed-cell custom foam package reduces wear and fatigue
  • Adjustable foot braces: Fully adjustable 15"  foot braces will fit anyone approximately 5'2" to 6'2" in height comfortably
  • Deck drybag storage system: Watertight removable deck plate with integrated watertight PVC soft storage bag
  • Multipurpose sternwell: Extra-large-capacity sternwell will accept a five gallon bucket, baitwell, milk crate, cooler, or doubles as general space for a dry bag
  • Deep molded port and starboard open storage: Allows maximum flexibility for storage on the water

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I know a few guys with Ascends. Generally well liked and a good value. Biggest common complaint is seals and seams often leak a little; if used in the surf or rapids expect to find a little water in the hull at the end of the day. Their estimates for capacity tend to be on the high side; it would float but be very unstable. That 350 is more realistically 275 before it gets dicey.

Ive been very happy with it an have found it incredibly stable as they claim . even with the damage to my spine and losing my sea legs i can actually stand in this rig but i don't feel confident. i was considering adding a lean bar but i feel i need to kick it up a notch in length and width... so i'm considering the nucanoe as a kayak replacement. after two years of use i have not seen a drop in the hull of leakage.

really impressed with the performance in rowing, stability and tracking.

The few leaks I have heard of are well above the waterline in still water. The only time I have seen or heard an owner recommend against it was for BTB. If it gets rough offshore you can't just pull over and dump water out. Inland everyone loves them.

what is BTB? bring the beer???

Beyond The Breakers. Launching from the beach to fish the briny blue. Some people paddle out to artificial reefs here, about 2-4 miles out. I am more interested in just barely out, where you see baitfish getting harassed by bluefish and mackerel that you usually can't reach from the beach.

Anyway, to do that you paddle through waves breaking into the boat on the way out so if it leaks, even on top where it normally would not be a problem, you will have water sloshing around in the hull. If the wind kicks up, it may start whitecapping out in the swells and then ti could be real trouble if you aren't fully sealed or have positive flotation.

major considerationsn in this purchase is the 10 ft length to fit into the SUV and the width and stability... it was amazing i could actually slide the kayak forward in the vehicle and there was an inch to spare.

now i want to trailer.. much easier on the back loading and unloading.

I have a utility trailer, but it has to live under the deck because of HOA restrictions. I would have to give up a bay in the garage to lave a boat on a trailer. I already gave up my half to put shop equipment and kids bikes in. My wife won't give up her bay for me to have a boat. That's a "next house" plan - no HOA. I probably have over 5 years of being able to load a reasonably light yak and go paddling if I am careful not to push it after surgery and rehab.


4.6# bass ... literally in the bushes past some very skinny water. if i was in my jon boat i would have never caught that bass that day.

20140705-this is one of the initial fishing problems i wanted to solve... the two small ponds that are attached to the cedar river which empties into the reservoir known as Ross lake needed panfish exploration. An initial attempt to reach those ponds was stalled with my jon boat at the dotted green line ... too shallow. Solution kayak. i didn’t make that trip till 20140705 but was well worth it. The Google path showed 3.2 miles total for the round trip. It was a beautiful day for paddling and the lake gave up a few quality panfish bites… crappie, gill and perch. Found a stretch of sandy beach along the rivers edge to stretch my legs during the trip and also found a few deep cuts entering the river worth exploring later for big preds. A trip worth making again.

So my only complaint so far on this little rig is the seat it is thin and there is virtually 0 lower lumbar support. as soon as i start paddling i'm wondering how long ill be able to last before i have to head in. i've already had plans in my head on how i was going to build a little platform to add a seat to make my outings more comfortable. well this morning i grabbed my dads old bass boat seat and placed it into the cock pit of the kayak... what!!! ... perfect fit without any fabricating... cant wait to get out and try it! tried it out on the lawn amazing comfort compared to the original seat


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