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As I turn the last page of the “SLIP’S 2017 LOGS, STATUS AND STRATEGIES” log book on an astounding year of angling… I think back on the initial strategies and goals for the year. I wanted to tag at least (4) Trophy Master Angler Panfish and that would include one thru the ice which would be a PB using that method. I ended up with 2 trophy P.Seeds thru the ice with a PB at 9.8" as well as(13) total Master Anglers thru the rest of the open water season!

To accomplish this feat I would greatly scale down my presentations to micro lite equipment… rods, reels, lines and baits. Careful considerations of lines were incorporated into my methods which would not exceed 2# mono diameter…and super lines that would approach 8# test or above to handle the trophy quality of fishes sought.

I would also aim to make my time on the water more productive by timing the trips with solunar periods… majors and minors on New and Full Moons. I've discovered big fish follow the moon… period! 2017 proved that especially considering the hard water Ice Period. I was on the big fish spots on the peak periods and it paid off!... BIGly!!!

I think I coined a phrase “Fishing for the Numbers by the Numbers” by incorporating all methods and strategies to gain my odds on the water for numbers as well as numbers of trophies. By the end of the day and all the numbers were tallied for 2017 I broke many records for the Master Angler Program in at least 2 counties.

I’m hoping for an even better season for 2018 and success for the fishermen following BBG!


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20180624- Last Year’s success at this time was “Between The Docks

Waiting out the showers this morning cutting into my Major.Period…. looks like I will be fishing the Lull.Period and partially touching the Minor.Period. Once the showers stop I will roll.

Looking at last year’s data the “Between the Docks” strategy was hot and I will start the trip with this method.

I am looking forward to the improved bite with the approaching full moon.


20180624- Fishing the stretch Approaching the Full Moon.

Working with Accuweather and Minutecast I timed my arrival at the launch with showers ending and clearing skies.

Within minutes im out on the water recording the temp at 76° with gin clear water clarity and out at my first waypoint. The waypoint I hit first is a large B.Crappie producer and did not disappoint with a first fish lunker 13.7” on a red white snap bean.

Thoroughly scouring the area without another hit I moved on methodically thru my list of waypoints.

The action was constant but the fish were smaller than average. Most were hitting the long-cast/.016 oz jig/waxie and the Lil Minnow.

Many lengths of shoreline were dirty with dying weeds and floating debris. Dying weeds and B.Gills are not a great combination I’ve noticed and very few fish were caught in these areas. Last year the shorelines between the docks were cleaner enabling successful long casts with the tiny jigs.

I alternated using the slip/float in these areas to keep the bait cleaner longer in the fish zone.

In some shoreline areas I noticed a few new beds occupied by a protective sunfish.

Lately I’ve been experimenting and recording performance data between two identical set-ups but the line… one is 2# Nanobraid and the other is Trilene 2# mono. Casting a rocky point I noticed a lunker Y.Perch inhaling the jig… setting the hook with a quick hard snap I broke off with the 2# mono! Ouch that was a nice fish! Broken line on the hook set happened a few times already with this set-up…

I fished thru three pop-up showers without much problem.

The Lull.Period continued with a steady pace on this 62% fish activity day.

I left just before reaching the Minor.Period because of neck, arm and shoulder pain calling the trip a little ahead of schedule but satisfied today with a few solid fish.

20180624-Found a bite during the Lull.Period on a 64% day

20180624-Long-Caster Bull B.Gill

20180624-Slip/Float/waxie Method P.Seed.

20180624-another Long-Caster P.Seed

20180624-Long-caster P.Seed



20180625-Late start and missed most of the Major.Period!

With a couple days before the full moon at a 74% fish activity level my intentions were to be out on the lake at the onset of the Major.Period on one of my favorite waypoints. By the time I finally got there considering some personal delays. I was on the spot nearly half way down the down tick of the Major.Period with a long Lull.Period facing me… not good.

Within a couple casts long-casting/.016 oz Jig/Pink Waxie I was into the best fish of the trip a 10” class hen just missing the mark at 9.8”!...

The next hour was brutally slow with the bite. Another nice hen 9” class also taking the waxie.

The neck/shoulder and arm began to ache so I cut the trip short cutting my losses.

... best fish of the day

20180625-Nearly forgot to post this beauty from June



...missed fishing the full moon today... rain, total spine ache kept me knocked down... tomorrow is a 97% day also... i might not be able to pull the rip cord on the engine... but i still have a trolling motor, neck brace and cane!

Planning a trip for tomorrow hopefully… rested all day… if I can’t pull the engine to life I have the trolling motor to rely on. I have a couple close hot-spots to a public launch I can rely on. Winds will be sub 10 mph so that is a plus.

Referencing the solunar charts I have a 2.5 hour window of Major.Period opportunity with a Minor.Period following near dusk (too late for gill).

I have a good feeling about that bite I really feel the need to be out there. Hopefully it works out.



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October Crappie ......10/6/2019

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Outback 9/16/19

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