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Do you love big bluegill?

 Just wondering , whats yalls favorite color for jigs , and what do you catch the most on ?  LOFR

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brown black olive.

White because I use it so much with success. I could probably switch to another and do as well if I had the same confidence.

i really have been favoring the natural shad patterns lately...

some of my favorites have included...

pink and white 


dark blue

white-- chartuse- black- chartuse black mix.  sometimes a mix of red;;black; and chartuse...   sometimes a green/brown mix is in order.  but that green/white jig Allan Morgan gave me last year  is a proven killer!!   not to mention-- Dick Tabbert;s jelly jig in white is also awsome...    thing is-- i let the fish decide what they want.  sometimes its different on different days;;sunny;; overcast; foggy;  or a light rain.   

Carl, I got some more colors of Ostrich Herl in.  A nice pink (instead of Fuscia), a really good Chartreuse, and another plume of White that I plan on dying some shade of blue.....

White, yellow and occasionally orange. Yellow works the best for me in most conditions.

I'm partial to pink.  It's a hot color on my home lake.  I'm also starting to switch over to Electric Chicken.  That said, like Carl, I believe White/Chartreuse is a killer combo.

I've also got a few "baitfish-type" colors of New Age Chenille from Crazy Angler Tackle.  That is proving to make some really nice Crappie jigs.  I really need to get some good RnD testing in on those.

Allen!!!!  where did you get the osterich  herl from??   the chartuse and white i would love to get!!

Feather-Craft.  Honestly, I felt the Pink and the White could have been a little bigger.  The Chartreuse is HUGE!  Really long herl on that one.

They say you really want to inspect feathers "in person".  I'm a believer in that.  You can probably get higher-quality Ostrich at your local BPS.  But, I highly doubt they have the chartreuse.

i have seen ostrich at hobby lobby and lots of colors.i just dont use it much..BPS is has some good materials but they want a lot for the quality feathers they do have.had areal good fly shop by me years ago but the recession did him in after over 20 years.he would have hackle capes in probably 30 colors,and different grades.almost any size and style of hooks from high end british makers tiemco diachi to mustad and eagle claws.stuff i dont even see onlinepegboard walls covered with stuff a whole book and dvd section.he also claimed he tied 1000 dozen flies a year if i wanted to tie something like from his bins of 100s of different patterns he would show me how to tie it and sell me the proper hooks and materials..heard he went to work for orvis.really miss that place.

Very fortunate for those years Jim. I had to develop a relationship with Dan Bailey in Montana and Eric Leiser in NY State for my materials (me in El Paso, Texas). I miss our long distance phone chats. I miss the quality I knew I was gonna receive too, sight unseen.

My favorite jigs are white, either 1/16 for crappies or 1/8 for everything else except 'gills for them its beadhead flies.


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