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Fishing With Slip...Officially launching my You-Tube channel

I am really going to put some effort with vlogging in the upcoming seasons… starting with the first trip ice fishing and thru ice -out.

Having a blast getting used to the software.

Check it out… officially launching my channel with this intro-welcome vid… check out my library… I have a few videos already posted.

Subscribe so you’ll be up to date on all the new vids I’ll be posting.

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I haven't named it yet.  It's on my list of things to do.  I should probably tie up a dozen or so of these.

If you have an idea for a name, I'm all ears :)

Dang.  I only have 6 - 8" of ice right now.  It was making ice today!  I did see the fillets the first time I watched your vid.  I prefer to do the cut-and-gut routine for all smaller panfish.  I typically only start thinking about filleting once they hit 10", and I'd rather let 'gills that big go.

I am disappointed no one else in my family want to even try the cut-n-gut method, except me ... I like it. between 7-8" is my comfortable slot... sometimes I feel obligated to take smaller too improving the fishery.

searching for a fish taco recipe to try for the next catch n cook.

any suggestions?

You want nice fillets for fish tacos.  If your Bluegill fillets are really small/thin, you'll want more than one fillet per taco.

They're really easy.  You might want to google a breading recipe, but it should be a mix of flour, cornmeal, salt, and pepper.  Maybe some chili powder?  You want to thinly shred some cabbage.  Yes, CABBAGE!  NOT lettuce!  Thin down some sour cream with a little lime juice.  You should really fry the corn tortillas for the tacos right before you do the fish.  Or, just gently warm some corn tortillas, and assemble the "soft taco" style; just remember you'll need at least two tortillas per taco to get it to hold together.  Bread and fry the fish.  Assemble the tacos with a fillet (or two) in the tortilla(s), a little cabbage, a drizzle of the Crema (sour cream mixture), and maybe a little shredded cheese.

I never brought home a bunch of Bluegills, as my ex insisted on fillets.  However, I don't mind doing the "cut and gut" routine.  I have a few whole 'Gills in the freezer right now, and I caught three more tonight that I will do the same thing to once they thaw out.

20 Minutes of Epic Catching (Limit Bass)  Oct 08 2013

Just Purchased a new GoPro… had no idea on filming technique or just getting things right… just stumbled on an once in a lifetime bite of SMBs and LMB… limiting out in less than 20 mins… just wow… what a great moment in time captured.

Left the video raw and uncut to validate time and fish count.

My photography skills have improved greatly since then…

Catch me on my blog “Fishing the Dream”

Pursuit of the Trophy Blue Gill/ Ice Fishing Fail/Angler Down

20190308-Today I felt to go the extra mile (literally) and seek potential trophy spots away from easy access. Once on the spot my Sciatica kicks in with a major muscle pull in calf and hamstring… relaxed the leg for awhile while fishing the Major.Period in holes already drilled… got the leg back to walking status. I was able to work a few spots back to the launch while tagging a few dinks here and there… a nice chubby Y.Perch in the eater slot.

Thanks for following my journey for the Master Angler B.Gill tag thru the ice.

Follow me on blogger

Thanks for viewing my friends!

Count Down to Last Ice... Trophy Blue Gill Pursuit

20190309-I decide to fish a local lake but keep the walking to a minimum and fish close to the vehicle… I get quite a bit of action right before the Major.Period then subsides a bit thru the rest of the Major.Period

It was nice to feel the tug from a fish of some fight size on the panfish tackle… ive been plagued lately with a barrage of dinks the past several trips. It was nice to set the hook though.

Ice fishing will end within the next couple weeks and will soon concentrate on the open water fishing methods… I feel it will be an exciting season coming up …. Stay tuned… many tips and tricks vids will be scattered within the agenda

My ice season is done, unless I make a big drive north.  With the price of gas skyrocketing up, that's not in the cards right now.

Pulled all my ice gear out of my truck yesterday, let my shanty air out for a bit, then stored everything for the summer.  I need to get a big tote and pull the canvas off my shanty, then pack it into the tote to keep the mice out of it.  Have to start thinking about modifying my shanty and sonar.  I'd like to get some lights in my shanty, and maybe a shelf that mounts onto the poles.  I want to mount a UV dip well and a auto cigarette lighter to my sonar and get them wired in.  Quick charging of my glow jigs, and drop an auto phone charger into the cigarette lighter.

Fishing Day #1 of the “Worm” Full Moon (3 Day Period)


The forecast was for a beautiful early spring like day out on the ice. My intentions were to fish the Major.Period for the three hours and head back home. I experienced a slow bite during the Major.Period with 8 Bluegills stretching from 7.5” down to 2.0” a very sorry bite for a Major/Major


I slowly made my way back working part of the Major.Period to the launch.


Since the weather was so nice I decided to fish the Lull.Period and the Upcoming triple trigger.. Full Moon/Minor.Period/sunset overlap. I completely skunked out on the Lull.Period with 0 bites and just a few sniffers… I could see them on sonar but could not get them to react… live bait, gulp waxies threw my best stuff at em, could not get them to move.


Once the Minor.Period rolled around I had my first bite with a lost 9” class b.gill at the hole… was the first bite in 3 hours plus.


Then the flood gates opened somewhat and the hole filled with fish moving up and down in the bottom 1/3 of the water column… the bite finished as quickly as it started with fish moving to the bottom and rejecting. Got a few mid sized perch that seemed to be in spawning mode.


7 fish during the Major.Period and 13 during the Minor.Period/sunset… half were in my eater slot no gills over 7.5” and perch approaching 8-10”


Very disappointed with the Major.Period… the Lull. Period was confirmed with 0 fish… was expected.


The surprise was the triple trigger Minor.Period near dusk… some great action… no trophies… but some good eaters slot… all were CPR’ed.


The Lull.Period seemed to end right on the money at 19-06pm.


Keep those Lines Tight!



A Very Memorable Trip from 2018 setting the bar high for this season


Looking for a process to speed up the video productions I came across some android video editing software with a short trial period… I needed some content to produce a quick vid and looked into the archives. I searched for some video clips and quickly found one of a Lunker C.Cat tagged casting the Micro-Jig for lunker B.Gills on the eve of the Harvest Moon, one of my most memorable trips.

Many Lunkers crossed the gunwales that afternoon including a Master Angler Trophy gill tipping the 10.0” mark.

The video footage was short and included some of the Lunkers that afternoon long-casting the Micro-Jig.

I quickly learned the software and was very impressed with the quickness of production rendering the footage… I will be doing a review on the software in the near future.

This video is one of my dangling carrots for the upcoming season … it was my PB season on personal record including a Top seed for Master Angler certificates at 16. It is going to be a tough season to match or beat!

Thanks for viewing!

Keep those lines tight!



Complete log for the trip…


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December Perch from shore. Fewer Fish being caught from shore. Only scored two and no other…
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"Here's an oldie! 17" White Catfish  64th oz. Squirrel Tail Jig with Fathead Minnow"
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