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For a 2wt rod, will I need a 2wt line? I want a floating panfish line but i'm not sure about what size i need.

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It's going to be a fiberglass full flex two weight, so will it have to be over lined?

going by your description I would say that it does not need to be overlined. I would start with a 2wt.

Just depends on the rod and you. I have a 2wt that I am using a 4wt wf floater on. Different strokes for different folks......My next light rod  will be a 2wt that  will actually work well with a 2wt line. ......Unless I miss my guess you will just love it for gills and crappie and...........

i use 3 wt on my 2 wt and 2 wt on my 1 wt i do have 4 wt on my little 2 wt TFO but its only 6' all wf lines but im no expert only been flyfishing 4 years and im still learning ......

I find it interesting that you use a 4wt line on your 2wt 6' TFO. That is the same rod that I have and I also overline to a 4wt. I have even used a 5wt on it. Mine is a signature model. My next lightweight rod will be a moderate action 2wt that does not need to be overlined.

TOOTY  needs to see this He is a FIBERGLASS FANATIC!!!!!!!


TOOTY, You are an EXPERT in the FIBERGLASS DEPARTMENT!!!!! When YOU put line on a FIBERGLASS FLY ROD do YOU GO up a weight or stay with weight size of the ROD!!!! I have one fiberglass fly rod haven't got a reel or a line for it am still trying to decide which feels better!!!! I VALUE YOU OPINION!!!!!!

I am not Tooty nor am I an expert but in my experiance with glass rods I have either used the line recommended or one line lighter.

RAY THAT IS A SOUND IDEA!!!!!! ESPECIALLY ON LIGHT WEIGHT OR SHORT RODS. I tried typing a long answer to Greg HOppers question , took a half hour and then it wouldn't post up !

I constantly fish a TFO 2wt & have tried a 2wt line but did not like the feel or the cast so went back to the reel with my 4wt line & it was smooth & easy! Again a preferred method by me. However this is using weighted & non weighted flys. To get comfortable casting distance for poppers I bump up to my TFO 3 at.

I'LL TRY THIS ONE LAST TIME and if not posted call me. First off I"m not and expert and fly fishing just tying wind knots in leaders etc.Lee Wulff was an expert. There are still a few around like Lefty Kreh, Jim Teeny and a few others . Gaddabout Gaddis is still alive apparently and on Fiberglas Fly Rod forum.
NOw to answer what I know and that isn't much by the way . My knowledge comes from years and not instruction and taught myself the old fashioned way by experience.
#1 the shorter the rod and smaller the fly the lighter a weight line can be used. I have several 7' Wonderods I use and love , for certain things. They through sponge spiders all day long at ridiculous distances with a 5 weight forward floating line. Put on a #8 popper and it will fall flat on it's face!!!!!!
#2 I personally would try one line weight heavier if the lures to be used are a bit larger or #8 size streamers etc. Big wooly buggers etc.once wet will be a challenge on shorter light weight rods. Graphite is a different story but we are talking glass so graphite is a different beast to say the least.
#3 on old glass like my Shakespeares I don't go up a weight till I get to the 7'9" or 8' rods. They are heavier in construction and action. Most of the 7'9" wonderods were made for 5 weight lines . They will take a 6 but depends on the action. There were also three actions by shakespeare . Standard, Omni, and Trout. this further complicates things .
#4 NEW GLASS IS LLLLLLLLLLLLOTS DIFFERENT THAN OLD GLASS!!!!!!!! New glass is lighter in weight and new lines are marvelous to say the least. IF you have the ability to try different weights of line just select the one that best suits your casting style with bugs to be used. I would imagine that if the rod says it's a two weight try that line rating first with the size and weight of flys to be used.
#5 More than anything else todays modern lines and modern technology make the fly rod an especially crucial and tempermental balanced outfit!!!!!! KEy here is balanced !!!!!!!! Rods today are much more technical in manufacture and seems there are endless new lines to try, A MONEY PIT TO BE SURE..
PROBABLY won't hurt to go up one weight provided ya don't get goofy with big stuff ........


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