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...Managed a mid 9-inch bluegill through the minor Peak but very slow fishing

20170914----~~<")))))><(---*Post Summer Period*--28%/mid 72's

20170914-we’ve had a great streak of summer time temps after that long cold streak starting in mid august… some of the best weather of the year here in mid-Michigan. Surface temps are up for this time of year.

So to take advantage of this weather opportunity I decided to investigate some new areas on my home lake reservoir of 1700 acres.

Once launched and on the water I noticed extreme clear water conditions that I have rarely seen on this reservoir. I initially thought I would probably have to go a little bit deeper than usual to find the fish.

The area I pre-selected is a cut extending from the deeper area basins to a large 7-9’ flat. The area was basically free from weeds excluding some thin sporadic patches.

I did a quick sonar scan of the area and found fish close to the bottom. I started tagging fish straight away from 7-8.5” but at a slow methodically timed pace.

I decided to try a different area and moved further up about 100 yds and let the spot cool down. As soon as I moved another angler coming out of nowhere moved right on top of the spot!

After striking out in the immediate waypoint I decided to move on and work my way back to the launch. I could not pick up on another patterned bite the rest of the trip.

Method of the day was Long-Cast/.016oz Jig/Waxie twitched along the bottom in 15-18 FOW.

...20170914-one of the better B.Gills at Mid-eights…

...20170914-found a consistent slow slow bite pattern


20170915----~~<")))))><(---*Post Summer Period*--43%/72 DEGS

20170916-here is the bait of choice in yesterday’s trip… the tiniest tungsten jig in my arsenal tipped with a Chartreuse waxie.

For those who know me and the way I fish… color is on the bottom of the list of importance when it comes to presentation… I use plain lead jig heads or black as a second choice. I believe that bait profile is the next most important factor to presentation just under fish location. Hey you can’t tag fish when they are not there… lol.

However the extreme clear water recently in the reservoir (15-20 ft) may have shifted preference to the bright chartreuse waxie over the pink!?

20170917----~~<")))))><(---*Post Summer Period*--71%/71°

20170917-i've had a couple successive trips the past couple days… just missing
the B.Gill mark a few times with gills in the 9-10” slot and numbers of fish.
Today was no exception… tagged quite a few fish long-casting/tiny jigs on the
new waypoints. It’s been the same pattern of fishing… be on the productive
waypoints while timing to the solunar periods.

The weather started out hot, sunny and calm with water temps in the low 70’s
with water clarity in the mid-teens.

I hit the deepest waypoint first and just tagged one fish in the area... an acrobatic SMB. then I shortly moved to the flat with the extensive weed-beds then started a slow bite pace with the B.Gills that accelerated a bit as the
minor period approached.

I've been using the tungsten ice jigs in the deeper water to speed things up a
bit with the casts. Smaller pkg with a quicker rate of descent. I paired a
tungsten jig/waxie combo up with my vertical jigging UL set-up and had a blast
tagging some above avg sized B.Gills including one in the mid 9’s

Just as the quick downpour stopped I hooked up with an active C.Cat that
provided some spool burning runs on the 4-0’ set-up. The rain gear certainly
came in handy this year.

So do I continue with this successful pattern of fishing... heck yeah I’ll be
out there tomorrow for sure!

20170917-Nice lunker mid-Michigan B.Gill…

20170918----~~<")))))><(---*Post Summer Period*--84%/71°

20170918-this was the fourth day in a row on the same lake on the same waypoints… Some may say it appears I’m “Flogging a dead horse” I know what the outcome is going to be. Nothing is for certain in the world of fishing. I see improvement every new trip taken on those spots. I want to go there today on the “New Moon Period” because I feel there is a great compensation in this pursuit. The Master Angler Certificate.

It’s the eve of the new moon and fish activity percentage is high at 84%. The weather is fantastic, sunshine, calm winds, and very warm temperatures… The surface water temps rose to 74° from 71°.

The waypoint #1… The 15’ deep cut projecting onto the 8’ flat seems to produce in the late pm hours before dusk and it confirmed that today. I could not get a hit on my baits… Lil Minnow and jig/waxie.

While getting skunked on the waypoint I noticed seagulls diving on schooling fish at the surface on the weedy flat causing fish breaking the surface. Then when the gulls flew over the flat caused surface disruptions from B.Gill dorsaling at the surface. Schools of B.Gill scattered throughout the flat with their dorsal projecting from the surface. I was on them within seconds tagging one fish after another all trip long!

Within all the action of the trip, I tagged many smaller eater slot fish with a few nice ones between 8 to 9.2”… very nice fish for this neighborhood.

The method of the day was Long-Cast/.016oz Jig/Chartreuse Waxie.

20170918-Surf n' Turf B.Gill

20170918-Michigan Lunker 9“+ B.Gill


20170919----~~<")))))><(---*Post Summer Period*--97%/71°

Wow conditions have really changed here out on the lake from yesterday cloudy and windy


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