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Fishing With Slip...Officially launching my You-Tube channel

I am really going to put some effort with vlogging in the upcoming seasons… starting with the first trip ice fishing and thru ice -out.

Having a blast getting used to the software.

Check it out… officially launching my channel with this intro-welcome vid… check out my library… I have a few videos already posted.

Subscribe so you’ll be up to date on all the new vids I’ll be posting.

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Nice.  I'll start watching them.

Just a couple pointers.  I did this for a summer back in OK.  Prepare to start getting recognized in your local area.  I had a guy call me by name at the local BPS back in OK, told me he had been watching my vids.  Also, prepare to start getting followed around, or at least, noticing many more people fishing your holes.  Unless you have access to private water :)  Finally, realize that if you go "whole-hog" into the video aspect of this, just staging, shooting, editing, and uploading vids becomes a full-time job.  Constantly searching for new content is a pain as well.

Thanks Allen! I appreciate any suggestions moving forward.

I fish some of the very highly fished and recreational use public waters in the area… just because they are close to the home base. i have one private lake that I have access to via daughter and son in law that I will go to on weekends or holidays to escape the traffic. I is also “NO WAKE”… I love that.

With these lakes being very popular many times some of my spots are occupied with fisherman at arrival… I take the opportunity to get within just a comfortable distance and observe on how they fish the spot… many times a learning experience.

I believe my numbers would be better if I didn’t log every fish with a photo… it is time when the bait isn’t in the water working. Many days my guests will easily out fish me  just for that reason… I like to photo every fish crossing the gunwales. I don’t mind… It is my love and intention of putting family and friends on the fish.

So I figure since the cameras will be out… mounting them and start videoing. I’d like to upgrade on a camera or two to bring up the quality. I have an old GoPro that I very rarely use… I need to start putting it to work.

As for the software… I am finding it is keeping my interest and I am accelerating in efficiency at a significant pace producing movies… by late winter or early spring I should be able to put clips together quickly… hoping anyways

The mind is racing on some of the projects I want to get on chip… can’t wait for open water to put them into effect. For now there is ice season and I have some ideas I’d like to assign here as well.

Channel Cat on the Micro Jig (Fishing for B.Gill) (retake #2)

Every so often while fishing for the trophy panfish you will encounter the strike of a heavy pred... this happens quite a bit in my quest for the certificate fish. It just so happens I had my tripod with me on this trip with the cell phone attached … the fish hit and I pressed the record button… a fine memory!

Tying the "Mousie" Tipping Fly (Take #2)

 (issues with sound and music(copyright) so we redo!) One of my favorite flys for under the slip float... very easy tie!... unbelievably productive!... a learning experience!... getting it down with the software so you as a viewer is given the best possible consideration

...maybe a little ice exploration tomorrow!

need to get some video in...

nice vids so far, subscribed.  lol, although i probably wont try the bluegill dip.

...LOL... thanks for the Subscribe Tracy!

after looking up smoked bluegill dip, i think ill give it a try.  sounds delicious.

Testing First Ice

This was one of my toughest videos to edit…A SKUNKING!

My initial intentions were to just do a little recon on a local lake for ice thickness and hardness. One thing leads to another and I started loading up some equipment… spud a hole or 2 and maybe feel a tug… it’s been since mid October!

As I pulled up to the launch discovered a fisherman on the private lake fishing that left a trail of predrilled holes on 3-4” of ice. I decided to quickly fish them thru the upslope of the Major.Period.

Saw just a few stingy fish on the bottom not willing to bite. After about an hour’s worth of fishing… I received a skunking. However in my defense I did not fish my waypoints…

I do much better on my own hot-spots. The next trip I will use my spots drilled with my auger.

2nd day out on the ice and I score with a trophy B.Crappie at 14.63”…. wow!! I recorded it all on chip what was amazing at the time of this tag I was recording the fish sonar Elite 4 HDI whole screen on my cell phone camera!... I coordinated and synced the two clips together… that was awesome!

This was the 2nd time I recorded a video of a trophy tag on a fish.

I timed this trip perfectly to the Minor.Period of the day on my favorite waypoint using my favorite method.

Location + Solunar period + Method= Success

This has been a great success formula for me the past few years.



a continuing series of ice fishing vides showing real life methods and numbers… today’s trip was set at a 24% fish activity level and it certainly felt that way on the ice. Fishing was slow at the beginning and fishing pressure was high on the lake at the time. I knew numbers were not going to be good from the beginning. However the numbers that would exist in the surrounding fishery would be better during the Minor.Period and it showed. My Personal best Red Horse Sucker at 22.5” was a certificate fish produced during the Minor.Period… also best B.Gill of the day of 8”.

Nice trophy Sucker.......good detail in the video on technique...........


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