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Last Friday night, as I was going to bed, I started having some pain in my stomach.  I'm using to gas pressure, which is what this felt like, but it was in a weird place.  I dealt with it as best I could for a couple hours, then called me wife to come and get me.  I went to the ER.  Come to find out, my appendix was starting to become inflamed.  We found that out around 0430 Sat.  Since I live in a smaller town, the local hospital's surgery was closed for the weekend.  My wife drove me up to the "mother ship" Hospital in Tulsa, and I had my appendix removed about an hour later.

I spend the night in Hospital.  I got out at lunch time on Sunday.  I'm currently at my parent's, as they have some recliners that do the same thing as a hospital bed.

I should be back to work in a week or so.  I'll be on light-duty restrictions for several weeks.  That means no fishing for catfish and/or Stripers.

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Sorry to hear of the problem Allen, but it's great that you're doing'll be back before you know it

Thanks Steve!

glad your recovering so quickly Allen!

and no big bluegill on Micro Ultra Lites!... lol

allen;; you just had a real close call buddy!  glad you made the right decission on going to the hospital!   now you have some time to rest;; and tie a few flys again;; LOL  hoping yo uget well soon buddy

Thanks everyone.  I'm not actually sure how long I could have gone before truly being in a desperate state.  Couple of days?  I am glad that I decided to go in when I did.  The doctor said that my appendix was just starting to become inflamed.

I am feeling much better.  In the past 12 hours I've noticed a lot of improvement.  I still haven't had a bowel movement, but that should happen any time.  But, I can sit in normal chairs much easier.  Getting up and down is much easier.  I probably should go get on the stool just to see if I still need my mom's walker to help get up, or if I can stand on my own.

Most folks simply do not realize how important your core muscles are to everyday life, until some of those muscles are cut.

Wow! Allen!

That is nothing to dilly dally around with! Glad you got medical help when you did!!

A Cajun buddy of mine many years ago was a linemen for a telephone company in South Louisiana. One day after lunch

about mid afternoon he was up a pole and started to have the same symptoms as you had! His pain was getting pretty bad and he knew that there was know way he could make it down that pole in his condition! He was lucky that he had one of the field phones that he could patch right in to the telephone line and was able to in contact with one of his buddies that was on another pole about a mile away!

Anyway his buddy told him to hang on that he would be their shortly. His buddy had summoned another of the lineman and they both got to the pole about the same time to help my buddy down! My buddy was no small guy and it took both of the lineman to climb up on the pole together and get my buddy down and take him for medical attention. Upon examination the doctor discovered that his appendix were inflamed and about to rupture! They performed an appendectomy on him immediately and found a bunch of strawberry seeds in his appendix! i never did like strawberries very much myself and after that I never have eaten any since!!

Here is wishing a speedy recovery and will be waiting for more fishing experiences from you!!

Wow Sam, after reading this I might have to rethink about Inviting you to the Strawberry River, I would be worried about your health. LOFR


I did not say I could not be around " Strawberries" !! I just do not eat them!! Ha!

 So no worries about my health in that regard!!LOL!

Allen hang in there , you dont need that appendix anyway , but make sure you save it , it could make some great bait . LOFR

Believe it or not, one of my local buddies said the same thing!

Glad to hear you're recovering nicely.

Glad you caught it when you did and glad to know you're on your way to recovery. Prayers are with you.


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