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Fly swaps are an opportunity for fly tiers to exchange flies with their fellow enthusiasts.
YOU tie a fly - 1 for each participating member – and you receive one from each of the members
in the swap.
One of the members agrees to be the coordinator, thereafter called the “Swapmeister.”
For this swap, your Swapmeister will be ME.

Swap Theme: Say NO TO POPPERS

Any non-popper fly which you have taken bluegill with, or is aknown gill getter is welcome...
anything but poppers.
a. Deadline to join and declare which fly you are tying - November 24, 2013.
To join, send a PERSONAL MESSAGE to ME, (the Swapmeister) and tell me which fly you're tying.
You will be added to the list, along with your chosen fly. Have a backup fly, too, in case of
duplication. Once the cutoff date passes, you must wait until next time.
b. Deadline to deliver your flies to the Swapmeister via USPS – December 14, 2013
c. PARTICIPATION IS LIMITED to 15 members   

Once you are officially part of the swap, get busy and tie your flies. TIE ONE FOR EACH MEMBER, INCLUDING YOURSELF.
Don’t delay! Make one for each member of the swap. Make ‘em nice and neat, too, then tag them.
Once your flies are complete, mail them in the proper package (see below) ALONG WITH
a S.A.S.E envelope or re-mailing postage of $3 to me at this address:

David the Swapmeister
296 West Creek Rd., Leesville, SC  29070
(your pre-paid postage ensures the Swapmeister isn’t stiffed for it.)

Once I receive all the flies, I'll split them up so everyone gets one of each fly from the other
members. Then, I'll rush them back to you.

Mailing - mail your flies in a padded envelope, but put them in a crush resistant,
REUSABLE container. The most common is an Altoids tin, or something like it.
I use this container to RETURN all your new flies in. So don't send them in just an envelope.

Tagging – Please ‘toe-tag’ your flies with the name of your pattern and your Big Bluegill name.
A toe-tag is a small strip of paper that you stick on the hook of each fly. If you tie with barbless
hooks, tie a small piece of mono to your fly’s eye and tape the tag to that.

If all participants follow these simple direction, each of you will receive your box BACK, full of
different flies from the other participants, by return mail.

Thanks everyone and have fun!

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Good Man Angelo can't wait.


Alright Swap-a-teers, were getting down to the moment. Justin and Angelo have sent their flies, so that means were waiting for Chris and his Big Eyed Minnows.

Chris - you're the last man, buddy! How are you doing over there?

Well I was late going to the post office on Sat........But I just got back from the post office, It's sent and in their hands now. Can't wait to fish them all! 

I'll keep an eye out!
I told my mail lady what's going on, so she's giving us special attention.
(She also happens to be my SIL's aunt, so it helps that she's family!)

Okay, Swapeteers its UPDATE time!

I received the last of the flies today - many thanks to all participants for being so attentive. We have beaten the deadline by 4 days, gents!

I have everything sorted and each members' package will go out tomorrow.

Things have gone smoothly, to date, with a few lessons learned. I'll cover that in a closing post - for now, let us bask in the glory of a job well done among friends. Keep an eye on that mailbox, fella's!

(PS - I don't think I screwed up the counts, but I will keep all the generous extras bagged until everyone checks in with their numbers. Any one that comes up short will let me know and I'll send out replacement ASAP. Sound good?)


Okay Swapateers - the packages have been mailed, as of today! Please keep your eyes on the mailbox.

PS I expect to be offline for the next week or two, so I'm glad this got finished. I will be able to check email at work if my worst expectations come to pass, so keep in touch via messaging - I get notifications through email.

McScruff I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the fly swap, and everyone that was in it .


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